by Joanna Gilman Hyde

The Tomato-coloured Couch 2:47pm

While I wait for the UPS Man

My Studio/Kitchen is all ready:

I’ve got the sculpture’s foundation

in the form of a cut glass

upside-down sandwich plate

secured to a non-slip

hot-pink place mat —

My Two Sets of sculpture tools

are lined up against the splash board

I have three pounds of plasticine

to start with — to use sparingly

until My Extra Order comes —

 I have the photograph

of Rudy’s Head

taped to My Tea Cupboard

& a close-up of His Eyes & Nose

attached to the tile

above My Dishwasher.

This is all to take place on the counter top

of My Dish Washer

where I will begin My Work

just as soon as the Styrofoam



NOTE:   The attitude of the head is tilted up, so I plan to be

lopping off a good portion of the Styrofoam neck at a pre-determined angle.