Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: August, 2022

One Question

If Eye have one question

for my X Dr Blair

It’s why did he let his enraged wife in

to My House 23 years ago

to find me naked on the bed

while he held her back

and offering nothing to cover me

said into her right ear:



Haiku In Purple Velour

Eye am dressed all wrong

For today when my X called

2 call me harsh names

Frost Park Fountain

Sitting illuminated

by the Frost Park Fountain

3-tiered and glittering

Eye wait for my daughter Eliza

to finish her motorcycle course–

I’m in Yarmouth

on the Western Edge of The Province

facing West

with the sun trickling

through a curtain

of man-made rain

Many Years Ago

Dr Blair wrote to me

that he loved my toes —

what about the rest of me?

Where is he now?

And whose toes is he after

23 years later?


Two of my favourite sounds:

Rain & Ocean Surf —

The sounds of water

in motion.

The Cape

Last night Eye had a Coors Edge

at an outdoor cafe

in Shelburne

where Eye sat for hours

to take in the sights

of traffic and people —

Today Eye went out

to The Cape —

the three-mile long

spit of stone and sand, white sand

and green dunes

upon which is anchored

the one hundred foot high Cape Light

which shines

into my bedroom window —

out there upon its tree-less wilderness

Eye saw an orange butterfly

heading somewhere

and found a beverage can

faded to its aluminum sheen

and saw a one-legged man

sun bathing with an artificial leg

propped up against his beach chair.

Kitchen View

There’s a line of light

beyond the scrub spruce

jutting against the monochromatic sky

which Eye could paint

if Eye painted that way —

butt Eye paint with found objects


and the view Eye behold

is painted in M(eye) Mind

In Time To The Music

Selling my mother’s book

at the Western Nova Scotia

Exhibition Eye have seen

many kinds of people

in time to the music

including a Mexican family tending

an adolescent in a wheelchair

who was fed sips of water

in time to the music

as his father listened

to The Mariachi Band

and fanned his son

with a towel

in time to the music

as the painted Senoritas

flounced their wide red skirts

in time to the music

and a very young girl watching

bounced herself around

in time to the music

and Eye watched

an Indian woman in Red & Gold

dance for an imaginary lover

in time to the music