Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: November, 2020

Eye Once Pretended

Eye once pretended

to be a grandmother

to a giant dog of white

Eye bought him toys

for children —

to add to his delight —

a shark of pink

a little seal

a whale for a babe

These toys of fluff

were thrown to him

destroyed for his avail

Thunder Bay

Looking east I see

The Sleeping Giant

lolling in the lake

and at my feet

a stream hushes

the early morning lights

of three ships

nestled before it

Watch “9/11 Prophetic WTC Rooftop Painting by Joanna Gilman Hyde” on YouTube


On May 8, 2017

I completed a beautiful painting

The first in many years

and the first of its type

with applied 3 dimensional objects

— these were silver butterflies —

emerging from a seething mass of black


against a smattering of cherry red

and lime green

with one silver winged symbol of freedom


ornamenting the upper right hand space

but for last night’s jostling


of failed marriage

lonely occupancy

in my house stuffed

with my subsequent outpouring of art

The silver butterfly, the escapee

is broken now

with one half a wing

glued beside it

never to be replaced