Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: November, 2014


The Hawk Outpost 1:50pm

With The Sublimity of The Morning

with Me making coffee for three

with Eliza baking blueberry muffins

I thought to write of a garden

I was taken to see

by an Acadian Nurse named Emily

Who thought I’d like to walk

across the hospital parking lot

across a curving back street

to a stranger’s yard grown up

with flowers I don’t remember —

but I remember The Walk

& found It, or One like It, noted

in My decades-old medical records:

“Patient enjoyed Her Walk.”


The Hawk Queen Bed 11:04pm

What Does It Mean

To Be Human?

To Top The Chart

One Bell Curve

Of Human Behavioural Spectrum —

To Sit Up There

Like A Star

Growing Into The Nebula

Reaching Out

To Very Vast Edges?


The Hawk West Desk Window 10:05am

I am a very womanly woman:

I feed My Husband His Instant

Oatmeal —

later make Him a sandwich  —

supper @ 6:00 —

I buy all the groceries

do The Laundry

& keep The House tidy

weekday mornings I see My Husband

off to Work

where his Secretary gets Him

take-out meals —

like all The Women

The World Over

We keep Our Men



The Hawk Dining Room 9:28am

…leaving the expanse of roiling ocean

with Silver cascading off

in spray

to move in closer on a neighbour’s drive

— there an illuminated puddle —

the road is wet


right down to My Window Sash

a Silver



The Hawk Queen Bed 1:42pm

In keeping with The Churning Sea

loud enough to be heard

against windows closed for winter

I heard The Fog Horn’s Note

penetrate My nearness of sleep


The Hawk Queen Bed NOON

I come into My Bedroom

The Privacy —

only to write To The World

The Tomato-coloured Couch 4:35pm

Dr Blair signs His Papers

with His Gold & Onyx Pen

while I blink on The Couch, tired

looking for My Friend —

My Friend Who came to Me Last Night

and put His spherical rays

in front of My Crazed Sight



The Hawk Queen Bed 9:53am


aura of eye

Last Night I saw

The Aura of Eye

whenever I blinked

& became The Petulant Child

while My Husband went to sleep

I wore Him out

with My Antics

while I tried

to decipher

what I was seeing

& decided

I should eat


The Tomato-coloured Couch 1:22pm

I want to put Roses

on My Brother’s Grave

on His Stone

inscribed with The First Bar

of Fur Elise

He taught His Niece Eliza

but I am certain

His Roses

lying there

would blow


*Howard Talbot Walden Hyde

October 6, 1962 — November 22, 2007

And Joy Division Played ATMOSPHERE

The Head of Hawk Point Road 3:22pm

I have been chasing

down The Sky

along Hawk Point Road

I saw It fall

to The Ocean

in snowy squalls

I got back in My Car

& drove to The Head

where sun rays burst through

above a frayed Canadian Flag

blowing over a contemporary

grave yard

Portrait of The Man as The Doctor

The Hawk Window Seat 10:30am

A fine head of Silver Hair

graces the brow

of My Husband —

He dresses in Jeans

for Casual Friday

while I fix

His Silver Cat Pendent

around His Neck

I fix His Plain Oatmeal

instant with raisins

& cinnamon

while He sits

before His Computer

reading of worldly events

at quarter to eleven

He rises to put on His Shoes

black Eccos from over six years ago

& gets His Coat —

a leather jacket made in China

from over twenty

He kisses Me at the door

before He drives away

in His black 2000 Lincoln LS

to His Office in Barrington

where He attends

over fifty people

a day

Who Love Him