Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: April, 2014

To Be

The Hawk Kitchen 8:53pm

Today I was instructed

to “Be The Artist You Want To Be”

— I AM —

I see pieces of The Universe

in sink pans

laden with the makings

of Fully Formed Galaxies

so much so that I

am One Of These

I am A Galaxy morphing

into The Rest Of The Universe

& I Love It


The Hawk Kitchen 7:12pm

I wonder if I’ll ever be

an old woman

with a kerchief over My Head

working in a garden

with rubber boots

and black soil

staining My Bony Hands

Life Chapter

The Hawk Outpost 5:05pm

Cream-coloured Breakers

Hail Slate-blue Atlantic

Overseen By Sun


The Hawk Outpost 3:10pm

It’s A Nova Scotia Day

— I Can Tell Just By Looking —

The Wind Is More Than Brisk

Waves Are Breaking

Farther Out

Amidst The White Caps

The Air Is Clear

& My Big Black Cat Astro

Wants To Come In

My World Is Silver

The Hawk Outpost 9:00am

My Sky Is Silver

Cutting Along The Edge

Of Cold Grey Ocean

Our Waves Are Bigger

This Morning

Due To The Wind Last Night

I Am In My Silver Robe

Watching A Break

Of Light


This Worldly Turbulence

The Stars Are Our Mirror

The Hawk Queen Bed 10:22pm

Each Of Us

Is The End Product

Of An Individual Star

We, Each Of Us

Should Be Born To Thrive

Born To Live

Born To Shine Our Light

From Each Of Our Big

Or Little



The Tomato-coloured Couch 7:30pm

There’s enough white

pick-up trucks

to go around

to everyone

like Me

Who doesn’t make a wish

but feels


in the white


of man-made


When It’s Raining

The Hawk Kitchen 6:08pm

There’s A Bay Window

At My Kitchen Door

Where I Can Stand Northward

To Be Surrounded

By Trees And Yard

And Sky, Clouds, Ocean To The East

To The West Our Muskrat Pond

And A New Testament

Baptist Church

On The Hill

Mirror Mirror

The Hawk Laundry Room 5:38pm

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Who’s The Truest Of Them All?

Is It You —

Or Is It Me —

We’ve Come This Far

What Will It Be?

We’ve Come This Far

What Will We See?

Dementia Praecox Paradox

The Hawk Outpost 7:15pm

The Reason for “Schizophrenia”


There is no “Schizophrenia”

& most people

“diagnosed” with this false “disease”

know this —

but to deny their “diagnosis”

is to have one of the prevalent “symptoms”