Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: May, 2012


I Was First In Line

For My Abortion

& I Claimed It:

Him/Her I Kept

Forever In My Shattered Heart

In The Next Room Over

From That Waiting Room


Of Silent Women


I Am In My Era

My Future Has Arrived

We Are In Our Era

Our Future Has Arrived

All The Bungling

Before Us, Behind Us

Has Lead To This:

To Where We Are Today

And Our’s Is



My Daughter & I

came back from The Beach

I hung Our Towels on The Line

I checked My Blog

to find a New Follower


whose Donate Heart

was just like Mine

(My Daughter didn’t think so)

just like Mine

in My Eye Am


Just Like Mine


I see A Room Inside

a big black TV Screen

I see a lamp, some books & DVDs

mirrored for My View

I slide over to My Left

to have a shoulder, Left

     exposed with half

     My Head

 A Red Light

below My Chest


Jackie Blair

it occurs to me that any major social change or
“acceptance”  can come about seemingly only
through the application of music, poetry, or other art forms — as if to
say, the only way anything “changes” is if the pop mainstream goes along
with it, as a REACTION OF SEDUCTION, both artistically and commercially

Joanna Hyde

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The Hawk Kitchen 2:32pm

Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair must be a Throwback to The Fifties:

White Stay-At-Home Mom

3rd Wife to A Silver Haired Doctor

Moderate Drinker — Would Like To Smoke


Eats Red Meat & Lots Of It

Likes To Shop but Considers Cost

Doesn’t Care (very much) What She Drives

As Long As It Works

Has Been Seen Eating @ MacDonalds

In An Off-The-Shoulder Oprah Evening Dress


Sobey’s Parking Lot

in Barrington Passage

has a yellow sign

with red letters afixed

to Its Central Cart Corral:

“In The Event of An Emergency

 Gather Here”

Twice Now I Have Thought

of Standing There

To Signify We Are

In The Social Emergency

of Our Existence:

We Should Be Gathering

Our Female 13-17 age group

Our Female 55-64 age group

Our Male 45-54 age group


I wrote A Book once

of 364 pages

describing The Illness & Death

of My Mother

& what happened to Me

after four days of no sleep —

sleep deprivation induced by Death:

The Shower of Lights

Seeing The Meaning of Life

Fixation Upon a Little Man

induced by The Telepathic Message:

“Joanna, the reason I am not answering Your Calls

is that I am at home, in the same condition

You are in — Yes We are reading Each Other’s Minds —

and no one knows what’s going on —

there is no expression for Love Divine

but this is as close as We can come…”

My last words to Him were:

“David, I am shredding My Manuscript —

all 5 copies, & The Shredder

is getting overheated —

It keeps quitting every 20 minutes

giving Me Pause For Thought”


One Surviving Copy

may be somewhere

in The Vermont Farm House

of My Widowed Stepmother

Who assures Me

It’s Somewhere

Jackie Blair

I want You for My Candy Man Caramel

I mean Camera Man

I want Your One Eye for Mine

All Mine

before the ball gets rolling

I want You to drive with Me

in Your Big Rich Car

I want You to walk with Me

through the smelly corridor

to My Place

so You know You’re in The Right Place

The Place of Its own dis-stink-tion

Oh, You can take Your Camera out all right

just don’t aim it at My Face

just get The Incoming Hall

show The Interior on Its way — The Way

to My Living Gallery

complete with Hall of Fame and Identity Room

I want You as Dr Drosselmeyer

with a black patch

with Me as Your Director

with You as The Player

of Me Your Instrument

carry Your Instrument

to The Second Floor

and ring the buzzer

see if They let Us…

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One Night On Bald Mountain

A Woman In Orange & Black

Stood Beneath Her Crow Painting

Armed With A Blunted Bread Knife

Witch, She Insisted,

She Was Using

To Make A Point

She Directed A Party Of Mounties

To The Idea

She Would Be Escorted To Hospital

Under One Condition:

That She Receive

No Medication

Against Her Will

Officer M– Wrote Down Her Request

She Surrendered Her Implement

Agreed To Be Strapped

In A Semi-reclining Position

Into The Back Of An Ambulance

To Be Driven Away

One Hour

To The Yarmouth Psychiatric Unit

Where Her One Condition

Was Not Met

Tonight, May 22nd 2012

My Husband Lay Beside Me

And Announced:

“There Are No Leaders”