Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: February, 2018

The Purple Shield

Eye build My Bed

In The Eyes of The World

And a very fine bed it is

It is

It is

Gathered in the corners

Laid afresh with new sheets

And matching blanket

It is covered with The Quilt

Of eternal rippling

And Eye have yet

To stir My Self


It’s silken waves

Extra Large Decaf w/ Double Cream

Eye am on a fisherman’s schedule

Waking in the night’s middle

Doing my exercises well before dawn

Drinking my coffee @ McDonald’s

To watch the sky light up

While listening to the men

My Bed

My Bed is made for My Self

Now Now

Made of an old bottom

LL Bean Flannel

A top cream holy one

With wave patterned trim —

It is now My Bed

Claimed after My Childhood

Claimed after dating My Self

For almost 50 years


Eye dance through

My “real” Life

And My Paintings


A Trail of Stars


My House

My House is no longer cold

With the winter air

Of isolation

My house is room temperature

Now, now

That Eye have welcomed

My Estranged Husband

As traveling companion

And friend

My Freedom Is Hard Won

Eye have joined The Others

In chairs of steel

Waiting in Their Lobby

For lunch and supper

Waiting in Their Rooms

For The Son

Flaming June

Eye am glad

Dr Blair’s Big White Castle

Burned to the ground —

Eye am safe

Alone now

Here in M(eye) Own

Water Soluable

Eye have begun a painting

On the floor of M(eye) basement

Studio —

Not so much a painting

As a collection

Of the detritus

Of M(eye) past

2 million years