Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Category: bird watching


My !3! Children

R as strong & beautiful

as the flock of Herons

EYE just witnessed landing

on the heights of My Scrub Spruce


Major Event

The Return of The Cow Bird

alerted Me to My #1 Sense

as Eye hesitated to sweep

the puddle of this morning’s rain

off my Front Yard Canvas

Eye contemplated the water spot

and heard, with My Very Own Ears,

that favourite sound of liquid drop

and up I looked

And There He Was!!

On the mirror

of My Still New Chrysler 200 LX

Gully Speaks

Gully The 3rd is trained

to speak His Mind:

He says “breakfast”

for a piece

of cheese or bacon

& Eye can see

His Thinking

in His Eyes

Our Mermaid’s Tail

20 years ago She was His Patient

when She had an affair

with Dr Blair —

then She lived with Him

for 5 years

then They got married

for 14

and Divorced

to find both in separate places:

Hers on The Hawk

His to South Side

where They meet along the wide-open beaches


just to drive each other crazy

Window Sill

Cat silhouetted

against the dawn screened in flat

against the bird song

What’s The Latest?

My Divorcing Husband

has allowed Me to become

The Social Outcast

Who walks My expansive beach alone

Who sleeps with

The Virginal Banana

Who reads Her Verse

dressed like a vamp

while He refuses to ask

“How did it go?”


Rivulets of Dawn

drip, run along My Canvas

of morning sky, song

Sunday Morning

Eye can have My Church

here, hear upon The Beach

I can walk, wake with The Birds

in the social structure of solitude

in the company of Life

Eye can shine with The New Sun

First Open Window of Spring

Eye went to sleep

with the sound of peepers

and when I woke

the morning’s keepers

sweetly tweeted through

the fog —

For All Existance

Eye Thanked God


Sun-meshed horizon

colouring clouds, Eye can hear

M(eye) morning bird song