Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: April, 2023

Dear Maria:

The first place Eye went into

after You were extracted from my body

was the liquor store in Shelburne

in the company of my step sister

who was responsible for your removal —

she & the father of my other precious two

forced You from me

on March 27th 1997

by ultimatum.

Eye have since painted You

and written poems —

Eye wear a golden nugget ring

shaped like a heart

on my right hand

with which Eye transfer

Your Eternal Power

to myself

in an effort

to never grow old

Radio Off

Last night after

my televised interview


Eye opened My Bedroom Window

for the first time this year

to listen to the peepers

as Eye slept

to be awakened

with bird song

this morning

Notice to My Readers:

Please read the edited version of my latest poem now titled Banana Split

Banana Split

Last night Eye went out

with a boisterous fellow

fifteen years My Junior —

Eye treated Him to dinner:

braised chicken with maple sauce

& cranberries —

Eye had calamari & spinach salad

then We split

Our Dessert —

He had One Cherry

Eye had Two.


Today Eye am truly alone

set against the bracing wind


out here on my wide open beach

wiping my nose

on a gloved hand


Yesterday Eye saw the face

of My X close up

perhaps for the last time.

His eyes had faded

His skin was gaunt

His hair thin & straight —

Eye didn’t like him.

Today For Easter

Today For Easter

Eye wrote on Facebook

“He Is Risen”

can be interpreted as

Morning Erection.

Eye dressed in floor-length silk

with stippled leopard print, pale

like the blonde fur coat, vintage

Eye wore with gold dangly earrings

given to My Mother by My Father

in Africa —

Eye only wished Eye could have crashed

My X’s Easter Dinner Party

& would have done so gleefully

if only Eye knew which trailer

He was in.

“Then Why Did You Do It, Joanna?”

Why did Eye send out

one hundred and fifty

hand-made invitations

to a wedding Eye didn’t want?

Standing trembling by a girthy tree

in a Doctor’s back yard —

Eye have no memory

of taking His Hand —

Eye have no memory of Him

at the reception

as Eye sat beside My Cake

with no memory of taking a bite

while My Father served punch

at My Behest

Unsavoury Time Span

Eye wake to write

of the boy with dirty neck

who put a dime

in my 4th grade desk

and tried to give me

one breathy kiss —

now to be invited

by an old old man

with teeth of brown

(if he has any left)

to accompany him

to The Lions Hall



Eye do not have a significant other

Eye do not have a partner, husband

boyfriend or lover

Eye have my friends male & female

my two living children, a dead brother

Eye do not have My Mother

and dreampt of Her in Jordan Bay

at The House Eye cleaned

over red Chinese rugs with a fire

where Eye decided to stay