Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: February, 2013


The Hawk Dining Room 5:00pm

I’ve polished The Silver Candelabra in a New Ceremony

but first had to get old wax off all three sections

with a tongue depressor from Hunter’s Office

— I got the splotches of wax off the mirrored tray

which The Candelabra sits on in the centre of Our Marble Table:

Candelabra Base

New Doily

Round Mirrored Tray

Marble Lazy Susan

Round Marble Table — seats six

The three Candles are new glittery Silver from China

via Halifax

I’ll be eating My Soup from The Basement

(Hunter’s working late)

at My New Setting Tonight

after My Celebratory Glass

of White Wine


Highway 103 5:22pm

Sometime In The 90’s

My Father Bought Me

A $10.00 Knitted Dress

Somewhere In Connecticut

But It Fell Apart

Before I Got To Vermont

Highway 3, Barrington 6:03pm

20 Years Is As Long

As Some Prison Terms

& I Have Been Imprisoned

That Long

By My Divine Quest

Yet To Be Undone



The Tomato-coloured Couch 6:48pm

My Preciousness I will dress for You

in White & Silver

to meet You at The Pearly Gates

with a bouquet of Almond Roses

I will take Your Right Hand with My Left

as I have longed to for these back-to-back decades

I will be in Contrast to Your Blackness

to Your Latency

I will provide The Opposition

for Our Reconciliation painted Grey



The Hawk Portico 3:40pm

Blanketed in Eliza’s cream-coloured Horse Throw

Mrs. Blair slouches slightly in Her Red Deck Chair

within the enclosure of Her Stoop

She wears a sun hat to protect a possible cancerous spot

on Her Right Cheek

She wears Her Serengetis

because The Sun is that bright

Her Daughter Eliza, driving Her 2000 Black Lincoln LS

pulls into the front yard announcing

“Mom, You look like an idiot.”

Then for something a little more descriptive:

“You look like a moth,

or someone Who’s trying to look like a moth –”

“A Lunar Moth?”


The Tomato-coloured Couch 1:55pm


You can’t get Me

by presenting health care professionals

dressed in black

dropping Me into The Black Abyss

of the blood-letting chair

making Me have to go to The Pristine Public Wash Room

where I heavily considered drawing Your Initials

on the wall above The Mirror —

and Outside!

Everywhere it seemed I heard

Your well-used “See Ya!”

You showed Me every arrangement

of Your Initials on license plates

but I knew I could get home

where I could take an Ativan

under My Direction


Public Health Office, Barrington approx. 10:00am

I am no longer in league

with The Aliens

in Their Purple & Black

I wear White & Aqua now

Beige, Grey, Dark Brown

still have My Blue Jeans

& Linen Tops

All My Black Articles

have been tossed —

Eliza took Two Black Garbage Bags

to The Salvation Army

but was mad at Me

for throwing Them out —

Hunter understands


The Tomato-coloured Couch 5:22pm

When The Depression finally broke

I was sitting on the back stoop

of The Shakespeare House

— can’t remember the year —

drinking seltzer & red wine

reading Gogol’s Diary of A Madman


Today I made a symbolic abortion


out of My Red Lace Underwear

& Wire Coat Hanger

They’re arranged on a 16″ x 20″ white canvas board

painted with Red

& Purple

& glittery Silver nail polish

I think It looks




The Hawk Kitchen 8:00pm

Purple is The Colour of My Heart


Silver The Colour of My Jewels —

Red is My Fury

no longer suppressed

These Three Components

sustain Me

now that The Little Man in Black

is Gone


The Hawk Kitchen 6:32pm

I could sit on Our New Kitchen Floor

Indian Style, like a Child

with stretched canvas

in front of Me, flat —

I could puddle The Purple

& get The Metallic Grey, Silver

oozing into The Plum


& splotched with Red

from a spray can

liquid & interceding

out of My Lap