Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: June, 2018

The Drowned Forrest

This is My View

of The Drowned Forrest


foggy historic haze

overlapping the Scrub Spruce

to My North East —

The Drowned Forrest sunk

1,500 years ago

but Eye have Its Replacement

The Shlong Speaks:

“God is The Ultimate

Control Freak”

On The Ceiling

From The Dentist Chair

Eye watched TV:

Everyone was fat —

I sat and wondered:

Is This OK?

I sat and wondered That.

Watery Stroke

Pink washed horizon

seeps into dawn like the pull

of My Heart to Sky

Peter’s Birthday

Eye have painted The World


on the anniversary

of My First Date

with My Children’s Father

when We picked strawberries

and drank champagne

and imagined


in Nova Scotia

As Heard On The Beach

“I think such and such

has lapsed into

“I feel like this or that

spoken by the younger set

Dr Blair’s Secretary

Eye had a dream

of Treena’s Hair —

back to normal

dark brown

cut short

and cute


Eye am living

in The State of Relief —

I will not be contstrained

by the formation

of even having to write

in Haiku

Fountain of Youth

The silhouette of My Scraggly Apple

with Its new three leaves

looks like the edging

on some of My Paintings:

blobs of lichen and lines —

drips carried

off by the end

of a paint stick


Eye wake before the sun is up

I go to bed before it’s down —

am I following the path of light

or is it following Me?