Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: July, 2021

Morning Verse

Here Eye sit

upon my deck

to live my life

oh what the heck

Ive had my share

if tragic woes

but Ive come this far

and so it goes

The cats are fine

Eye groom them well

to sit with them

for a spell

how long Eye say

to keep this up

but to be sure

Ill sip my cup

of Decaf pure

the finest blend

to continue on

around the bend

Eye hear the laughter

of the gulls

and wonder too

what theyre thinking of

they live their lives

as Eye do mine

to struggle onward

to rest a time

as Eye do now

to hear the waves

greet my ear

all my days


Eye found a feather

on the beach

sitting brown & gold

Eye left it there

for another’s reach

and for him to Behold

When Eye came back

It was there!!

In Its place upon the sand

so Eye picked it up

— It matched my hair —

and stuck It in my bow

The Wedding Shoot

On my dateless Saturday night

Eye walked along The Hawk Beach

to view a newly married couple

standing clothed in the waves

to be photographed

in pale gold sun

soaking the bride’s gown of muted rose

She rose like Venus

with Her Man at Her Side

Molten Silver

Molten Silver upon The Sea

You gleam for me

so naturally

I hear you break

upon The Shore

and wish to listen

forever more


Yesterday I was saved

not by Christ

but by my own fortitude

from the depths

of a mini-depression

wherein I lost my sense of self

my ability to care for myself

in the turmoil of questioning

My Purpose

and now today

I sit in my corner room

overlooking the Atlantic

to listen to the silvery whisps

of the birdsong

I love

wafting through

my open window