Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: September, 2022

My House

My lovely daughter Eliza

thinks Eye should take my art down

and repaint over my graffiti

in the livingroom and bedroom —

butt Eye like my graffiti

it doesn’t bother me

and Eye like my art

it fosters me.

Eliza thinks Eye should have dinner parties

and a garden

and Cousin Carol with the voice of reason

thinks Eye should have old people

over for tea

in a graffiti-less house

in a relaxing house

uncluttered by art.

My daughter thinks my house

is a microcosm of my life

butt Eye see my house

as a reflection of me —

besides, my lovely friend Darlene Louisa

likes my house

plastered with my work

and hers.

My Lovely Friend

My life with Dr Blair is over

& what have I moved into?

Tales of Miss Winfield

the raven-haired beauty

who looks like Snow White

caught off guard

under the hands of a janitor

while she wore dresses from Reitman’s

as a teacher’s aide —

She quit her job

and went into a decline

rather than tell on him

and was brought down too

by a user boyfriend

who told her he would buy a ring

but never did —

Mature & married now

with two grown sons

her hair is salt & pepper

under a layer of dye

and she listens to her friends

one a hair dresser

and one who’s me

What’s Wrong?

Eye see no silver today

Dripping its way across

My lonely ocean

Of calm contemplation