"Good Morning, World!"


The Hawk Deck 6:20am

The Scraggly Apple is glinting

in the early morning sun —

It is a half dead tree full

of rainbows —

Eye sea It glisten

without M(eye) glasses on

and so lay down contentment

for The Day

of M(eye) Dawn



M(eye) Bedroom 7:43pm

If ever Eye sea

a drop of blood

on The White Breast

of  M(eye) Gully

Eye WILL be turned

to kill

and so goeth



“The Spruce”

June 14 2017 Shelburne, NS 7:11am

Last night I listened

And I listened —

to The Expression of a Social

Out Cast —

Boy could He move that Mike

against a backdrop

of fake disco lights

I danced for Him

& the rest of  “Them” —

danced with the un-danceable

the infirm and the lonely.

I shook Their Hands.


The Hawk Kichen Outpost 4:57pm

It’s a hard way to win

with this incessant drive

under threat of life and limb —

I could never hold It differently–

I was meant to strive

for All My Worth

and Our Worth

of Silver  —


over gold






The Hawk West Desk Window 7:00am

Eye can “C” that view

in the morning haze

and love it


with its multitudinous islands

at low, prehistoric tides

Eye can absorb the new sun


The New Testament Baptist Church

and in the foreground

Eye can appreciate

an exotic pink cherry tree

in flower for the first time


M(eye) Bedroom 9:30pm

I traversed to close a shade

across the horrid shit I made

I swore to Me the dawn was best

I made a pact to sort the rest

I saw instead a patch of red

beyond the sky I now would dread

It caught Me tight

to keep the light

of new ignition

and now My Fight

My Daughter Fair

M(eye) Hawk Bedroom 5:00pm

My Daughter hates My Signature

She is My Calling Card

conceived in My Mind

without the help

of That Father-figure


She is blond and fabulous

Working now for

Our Canadian Coast Guard

sleeping with Her Port Hole

one foot above the water



The Hawk Kitchen 4:45pm

Eye nudged Its thinness

with M(eye) Right Toe

there immersed in a galaxy

of seaweed, seashells and sand —

Eye picked It up

with M(eye) Left Fingertips

to turn It in M(eye) Hand

revealing the fleur-de-lys pattern

of Man-made



Ol’ Humpty

The Hawk Queen Bed 1:25am

Humpty Dumpty hit a brick wall

Humpty got dumped by His 3rd Wife

All The Island’s Money

All The Island’s Fishermen

couldn’t put Humpty

back in His Bed again

Read This & Spy

The Hawk Queen Bed 9:00pm

my New Black Chrysler 

crouches in hiding

protected by the stone snake

that forms my cellar drive

built when this dream-house was built

in 2001

the year I went to London

with my soon-to-be second husband —

or was it then?