Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

My Paintings Are Organic

My Paintings are loose

dripping like punctured abcess

colours even fall

Belief System

The Human Mind can

and does believe anything:

Believe what you want


I never did like

the way he wangled his dick

along the stair case


Eye Claim


for 9/11

and Quite a Responsibility

It Is:

I have not sung a song

in honour of


(My New Art Form)

I have hung

M(eye) First Husband’s Love Letter

upon M(eye) Refrigerator


Sky of Cloud only

first blush turns Florescent Pink



My sculpture melted —

Dance Demonstration Request:

He told Me “Curtsy”

“If Joanna Had A Man”

If I had a man

I could have a Barbeque


If I had a man

I could have an extra shelf

in my linen closet


I could have the baseboard


in my Ex’s old library


and if I had a man

I would have a pickup truck

“There Is Nothing Lost”

On the night

Eye painted M(eye) Bomb

the wind picked up

and Eye made for the deck

where M(eye) salvaged pieces lay

laminated together

on a glass table top —

just as Eye approached

M(eye) kitchen door

a gust had the nerve

to lift M(eye) work

and sent it flying

down to Destruction


Eye tried to paint

a mushroom cloud

and out it came

just like a shroud

looks to me

could be a tree —

or standing back

brain imagery

Over Peanut Butter Pie


of The Devil proffered but

fiercely rejected