Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

See This?

See This Ring?

It doesn’t matter what It cost —

Eye bought It for My Birthday

Years and Years ago

to signify my “attachment”

to The Little Man

Eye say Eye have been in love with

for nearly three decades.

See This Diamond?

It houses a pie-shaped Inclusion

to signify Its Uniqueness

and Eye wear it upon my left ring finger

Now and Then

to signify my endless heart’s time.

At 5:00 am

Fog has obscured

My Cape Light

My Fast & True

Steadily Flashing

Like A Multi-carat Diamond

Against My Window Sill

My Bedroom Delight

there is nothing out there now

butt a dark haze

Ready to glow with the coming dawn

Ready to signal My Rising

And As Eye linger

Over My Writing

A Neighbour’s Headlights Drive Out

Illuminating Slowly

My Drenched Window

My Dripping Window

Mother’s Day

Eye have embarked on selling

My Mother’s book

McNutt’s Island Journal

wherever Eye can

and found today that

Eye could even sell

at Canadian Tire in Yarmouth

after which Eye went out

to a favourite restaurant


where Eye ordered seafood fettuccine

with homemade noodles

which took over one hour to prepare

Eye didn’t mind

glancing at a dwarf mother

and her dwarf tot

Eye smiled because

She was waiting too

having a good time

at a large table

with men and other children

while the man Eye was with

grew impatient

and wanted to leave

and didn’t even ask

if Eye wanted dessert

Snow White & The 5 Cats

My name really isn’t

Snow White — I just

feel like her

having escaped not from

a wicked step-mother

but from a treacherous second marriage

into the sanctuary of my own home

with 5 cats

leftover from that faulty union

which left me not one


so I clean the litter

morning and night

and feed the children

Molly, Jerome, Cami, Moulan & Astro

trying to pet each one

every day

at least

The Happy Goose

On St. Patrick’s Day

or thereabouts

a friend and I

got fooled by two goose decoys

bobbing in the pond

down by The Hawk Beach

Days later I saw one real live goose

stride into the pond

to float beside his fake friends

and I thought to write a poem

about The Lonely Goose

until today, April 5th

when I walked down to the pond

to see if he was still there

accompanied by his plastic companions

and lo & behold

he was there with another

real live mate

who swivelled its head

and glided through the water

to form The Pair

in living flesh and feathers

beside the two pretenders

Cozy In My Bed

Haunted by the utterance

of M(eye) 2nd Husband

“Cozy In My Bed”

was all He wanted

as M(eye) Daughter lies beneath

a faded pink cotton blanket

probably bought from Sears

She said it smelled like bleach

and She was comfortable

so comfortable

while Eye lie beneath

The Portrait of Darkness

M(eye) Greatest (and only) Figure Painting

with The Light of The Cape Light

Shining, Blinking, into My Room

Our Bedrooms are Our Sanctity

Please Don’t Mess With Them…

The Dream

Eye had a dream

in M(eye) Reality

of being brought to Life

by the touch of a furry hand

You could say

it was The Beast

butt to me

it was Life Itself

and it awakened me

from the depths of slumber

into the grey of dawn

and into my day

of wonder

M(eye) MC

Who was that impetuous child

Who climed into The Cat Box

and sprayed out galaxy after galaxy

for me to clean up?

Who was that Blue-blooded Boy

with a thatch of black hair

Who scampered about in M(eye) Mind

while Eye imagined The Divine Family

forever kept in check

by M(eye) Master Climax?

He played in M(eye) House

for days it seemed

while Eye couldn’t sleep

and dreamed instead

of The Future of Mankind —

Where did He go?

What is He up to now?

Double Vision

Eye have just two

paper weights sitting on the sill

of M(eye) picture window:

on the left is a pink jelly fish

encased in oblong glass

heavy enough to kill somebody

a gift Eye bought for M(eye) Daughter Eliza

when She turned 16.

The right holds a storm of silver

encased in bulbous crystal

with a bit of blue at the bottom

bestowed upon Me by Eliza’s Mother-in-law

when She graced Me with the choice

to take any one of Her collection

as long as Eye didn’t take the weight

given to Her by Her Father

M(eye) Family Tree

Eye own an apple

only it’s dead —

completely dead now

butt it is the only tree Eye own

Eye will not cut it down

from M(eye) Backyard

where this morning

a red-headed bird

landed on it

at 9:11