Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

The French Shore

Eye walked along that vacant beach

hand in hand with my friend Dan

who stooped to reach

a piece of glass

and wiped the sand

and made His Speech:

He spoke of edges

sharp and neat

smoothed by waves

of eon’s seas

& gave the glass

to me to put

inside the pocket

of His Jacket

worn by me

worn by me

My First Deck Poem of The Season

This morning’s hazy sun

inspired me to bring out the glass table top

to clean it with fake Windex

and fit it onto my forest green

wrought iron table

left for the winter to rust


Eye had my breakfast here

sitting on a folding chair

from the basement

while my next door neighbour

put away his lobster traps

and the morning birds

serenaded us

The Visit

Tonight Eye visited

Astro’s grave

in Port Clyde

and adjusted one rock

and stood and thought

of how Eye miss Him

yet remain unaffected

Coming of Age

Eye am 62 now —

not a magic number

butt Eye have lived

30 years beyond My Mother’s Death

beyond The Shower of Silver Lights

and beyond, & with

M(Eye) Divine Attachment.

Eye have yet to be with Him

The Object of M(Eye) Love

in the confines of Our Privacy

though Publically Eye will go

heralding Our Union

as Eye see fit

and broadcasting Our Faith

not in Oneness

butt inside Our New Divinity:

The FEMALE Lord & Master

with Her unfailing Side Kick

Saucy Me Dream

Eye walked briskly past

The Security Desk

into Saltwire News

dressed in the orange dress

(last worn with Dr Blair)

and my white toeless pumps —

Nobody stopped me.

Eye found Haylea Dilnot-Reid’s office

whereupon she tried to hand me

$15 — a five & a ten Canadian

& Eye said, repeatedly, what’s this for

some kind of pay off?

She had a sink

inwhich Eye tried to throw the bills

butt they stuck to my right hand.

Eye deposited them anyway —

demanding the name of Saltwire’s director

Him/Her or It —

Eye found my gold hand bag riffled through

money wasn’t missing butt was crumpled.

Next Eye was in Donald Trump’s office

& tried to shake hands

with a black-haired guy named Howard Dunn

butt he took my whole hand

& squooshed it & Eye tried

to get my hand free

to shake his hand properly.

Donald Trump wondered

what that was all about.

(Eye had said Eye would remember

Howard Dunn’s name because

it was my brother’s)

Eye sat across from Mr Trump

at his desk

next to a snotty blonde woman

who was folding linen napkins

& complained that my lipstick

would get on the napkin

so Eye told her to fuck off —

that Eye would find another seat

which Eye did, in front of the window

on an old-fashioned upholstered high chair

which Eye practically laid on

thinking: oh this is nice, Im by the window

& asked Donald Trump

whom Eye addressed as Doug

& said, “Oh sorry, I got your name wrong “

Eye asked him if Howard Dunn

was related to Patt Dunn

Minister of Community, Culture, Tourism and Heritage

Donald asked another man

to look that up —

there were a lot of people in the office

& Eye asked , “What are we all doing here

having a party?”

Mrs Trump, dressed in a white pant suit

was there too

now sort of on top of me

as Eye asked her about a puzzle

she had made of her husband’s face

& repeatedly asked her

had she done the puzzle

had she put it together

& Eye was running my fingertips

over the puzzle

which was above me

with Mrs Trump on top of me

rocking back and forth

as if she was humping me.

Dear Maria:

The first place Eye went into

after You were extracted from my body

was the liquor store in Shelburne

in the company of my step sister

who was responsible for your removal —

she & the father of my other precious two

forced You from me

on March 27th 1997

by ultimatum.

Eye have since painted You

and written poems —

Eye wear a golden nugget ring

shaped like a heart

on my right hand

with which Eye transfer

Your Eternal Power

to myself

in an effort

to never grow old

Radio Off

Last night after

my televised interview


Eye opened My Bedroom Window

for the first time this year

to listen to the peepers

as Eye slept

to be awakened

with bird song

this morning

Notice to My Readers:

Please read the edited version of my latest poem now titled Banana Split

Banana Split

Last night Eye went out

with a boisterous fellow

fifteen years My Junior —

Eye treated Him to dinner:

braised chicken with maple sauce

& cranberries —

Eye had calamari & spinach salad

then We split

Our Dessert —

He had One Cherry

Eye had Two.


Today Eye am truly alone

set against the bracing wind


out here on my wide open beach

wiping my nose

on a gloved hand