"Good Morning, World!"

Eye Gladly Wear Real Mink

Eye Gladly Wear Real Mink

From a dead mother in law

But today I bought

A fake spruce —

Bush from a box

With tiny silver lights

Tied at the top

To be unfurled

With the eternal hope

Of a birthday visit

From my living son


Seeing Red

For Valentine’s Day

Eye wanted a gown

The colour of a point setta —

My first husband’s response

To my request:

“Whadda ya want that For?”

Day Light

The sky is the colour of salmon

The horizon is streaked with gold

Filaments of autumn

Laid out straight —

My rising to behold

Jackie’s Birthday

Early light laced through

The neighbour’s tree through the clouds

The sun as Eye write

On Into

One Night on the NY State Thruway

Eye drove with a silver haired

CBC executive

On into the night

And he said to me

Alone as we were:

“Ahh to keep driving

On into the night”


How many beds have I made

For Dr Blair

But not for my self?

I have the bed in my grafitti-ed room

And have had no one in it

But cats —

Here I am

Again in a place

Of less than domesticity

And I have spread

A laundered quilt

Across a bed

Of complicity

Enroute To Brier Island

I saw a dog

In a doorless doorway

Crouched across with his paws



A stairless step

October 28, 2017

He bled his apology

Onto the frontpiece

Of A Treatise On Insanity

But, somehow,

I found it to be as hollow

As his kiss


Eye know a cult leader

Who’s very good in bed

He uses women

To gain his ground

In spite of what is said

He has his fans


Out of the woodwork

And onto His Page

Beware! Beware!

When EYE play

Locked away

Inside His Cage


Or roll

Or role

Yes, eye sleep

With graffiti

Plastered across

From me

A cross too

For safe keeping

Or self