Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

The Toilet Sculpture Ghost

Eye have A White Toilet outside

my house

to replace The Golden Throne

Eye threw away

when Eye thought Eye was moving.

Ghost is missing Its water tank lid

so you can see inside

A Little Man of Silver sits

alone in there

and if you lift the white seat lid

you’ll see a Snake of Silver

with forked twistie tongue

M(eye) Bush

X — Miss Tree is Up

Festooned in Black Lace, Silver

Baby Jesus, Star

The Gull

Yesterday Eye hit a sea gull

with my front fender —

He was in a flock

eating garbage at the side of the road

(it was garbage day)

with a couple of crows

who got out of my way —

He flew against my hood

“FUCK” was the expletive

Eye didn’t slow down

Eye didn’t look back


Who was that Man

Eye dreamed Eye was kissing?

Refined visage with grey moustache

He stood in a darkened room

Eye hesitated, butt went toward Him

to kiss Him lightly

then diligently

Man Cave Art sold

First big ticket item sold on consignment in a store in Lunenburg called Comfort and Joy to a woman who lives in Lunenburg Nova Scotia

In Unison

Yesterday on my drive home

Eye observed a mystery in the sky:

The Bulbous Flock of Starlings

undulating in cloud formation

over and across the side of the road

parked on to watch —

They flew like a giant school of fish

as one unit

my first viewing of such phenomena

and phenomenal They were —

finally landing, matting the road-side wires

with Their chattering blackness

Magic Touch

The Application

On Facebook Marketplace

Eye have revealed m(eye) barest


A single purple sequin

Upon the sharpened elbow

of a Disney Mother

For Jackie’s Birthday

What is Image?

Is It clothes, braces

a doctor’s job?

Or is It The Music

We listen to at night

when We can dance

like EVERYBODY is looking?

Late Afternoon

Eye walked in that Western Light

filling the sky with gold

Eye walked and walked

and got sprinkled upon

deciding I’ll not grow old


Today in broad daylight

in line for a Tim’s

Eye spied a young banana

trying to get in

to a house repeatedly

while his mother stood aside

he must have known the occupant

and badly showed his pride

and amused the occupant

of my car — that was me —

dressed in black

happily to hide