Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

I Was That Child

I was that child

being pushed in the little red swing

built by my grandfather

up high

enough so that my toes

touched the leaves

of his knoll’s

crab apple tree


Astro, Astro Jasper Cosmo

died this morning

asleep in the green kitchen chair —

He had a spasm

and lolled His head

through the wrought iron arm

and was gone

That Fast:

My Cuddily Buddily

Big Black

Super Cat

Howard’s Birthday

Tonight Eye drove

along a band of gold

lining the West

below a dense sky

Eye drove

to pick up Eliza

working in The Coast Guard —

I stood on the deck

of her 50 foot cutter

to look at the sun

but it was gone

and so was the band —

dispersed cloud

faint pink

accompanied us home

My House

My lovely daughter Eliza

thinks Eye should take my art down

and repaint over my graffiti

in the livingroom and bedroom —

butt Eye like my graffiti

it doesn’t bother me

and Eye like my art

it fosters me.

Eliza thinks Eye should have dinner parties

and a garden

and Cousin Carol with the voice of reason

thinks Eye should have old people

over for tea

in a graffiti-less house

in a relaxing house

uncluttered by art.

My daughter thinks my house

is a microcosm of my life

butt Eye see my house

as a reflection of me —

besides, my lovely friend Darlene Louisa

likes my house

plastered with my work

and hers.

My Lovely Friend

My life with Dr Blair is over

& what have I moved into?

Tales of Miss Winfield

the raven-haired beauty

who looks like Snow White

caught off guard

under the hands of a janitor

while she wore dresses from Reitman’s

as a teacher’s aide —

She quit her job

and went into a decline

rather than tell on him

and was brought down too

by a user boyfriend

who told her he would buy a ring

but never did —

Mature & married now

with two grown sons

her hair is salt & pepper

under a layer of dye

and she listens to her friends

one a hair dresser

and one who’s me

What’s Wrong?

Eye see no silver today

Dripping its way across

My lonely ocean

Of calm contemplation

One Question

If Eye have one question

for my X Dr Blair

It’s why did he let his enraged wife in

to My House 23 years ago

to find me naked on the bed

while he held her back

and offering nothing to cover me

said into her right ear:



Haiku In Purple Velour

Eye am dressed all wrong

For today when my X called

2 call me harsh names

Frost Park Fountain

Sitting illuminated

by the Frost Park Fountain

3-tiered and glittering

Eye wait for my daughter Eliza

to finish her motorcycle course–

I’m in Yarmouth

on the Western Edge of The Province

facing West

with the sun trickling

through a curtain

of man-made rain

Many Years Ago

Dr Blair wrote to me

that he loved my toes —

what about the rest of me?

Where is he now?

And whose toes is he after

23 years later?