Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

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48-hour Sculpture

Eye have withdrawn Knife

from the centre of Black Rose:

slow-mo pulsation

Mother’s Day

Eye have inserted

My 2nd Best Kitchen Knife

inside the depths of Rose


My sculpture melted —

Dance Demonstration Request:

He told Me “Curtsy”


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 2:00pm

Yesterday You saw The Rainbow Spray

when You had never heard of It

on The Day You changed Your Name

and picked up pebbles from The Hawk Beach

to build A Kitchen Castle —

You helped Me hoist

A Golden Throne into the back

of My Brown Edge

and as We unloaded

My Future Sculpture

into the cellar

You told The Story

of how Your Mother’s Father

coming home from fishing on The Grand Banks

had seen A Mermaid

— that They really do exist —

scraping Her Long Hair

with a fish bone


The Hawk Deck 8:19am

Twelve weeks ago I took

My Last Pill of Olanzapine

and I am stable as I was meant to be

but have to deal with continued

sleep deprivation —

last night I got 61/2 hours

on 2 mgs of Ativan

which is better than the night before —

Eliza and Jon will see

My Sculpture this morning

as it sits on the kitchen counter

with Its Left Eye closed

and Its Right Eye

in Another World —

The Sun is out

and I have the freshness of September

coming into play





The Hawk Queen Bed 4:38pm

Today on 2 hrs sleep

from 2 mgs Ativan

I began the sculpted head

of My Beautiful Dark Haired Woman

Who appeared on My Right Shoulder

in Roseway Hospital

October 1993

She said a lullaby in My Ear —

the most melodious voice I had ever heard

and today I have swaddled a Styrofoam core

in thin slices of plasticine

hyperventilating as I went

hearing My Son’s suggestion

from yesterday’s walk on The Hawk Beach —

“Mom, why don’t You just

exhaust Your Self?”

every slice

from a red-handled knife My Brother gave Me

pushed Me on to panel the form —

My Goal was to cover it, and I did

after carving HTWH in the Styrofoam skull

resting on My Ceramic Bluenose Plate

My Keepsake from the childhood crossings

in that vessel from Bar Harbor, Maine

to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

when I was so happy

with My Little Family

of Mother, Brother and Me


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 8:09am

The Sky is heavy blue

with cloud —

The Sea the colour of plasticine

Rudy’s Head sits veiled in The Living Room


while He’s back in hospital


The Tomato-coloured Couch 2:47pm

While I wait for the UPS Man

My Studio/Kitchen is all ready:

I’ve got the sculpture’s foundation

in the form of a cut glass

upside-down sandwich plate

secured to a non-slip

hot-pink place mat —

My Two Sets of sculpture tools

are lined up against the splash board

I have three pounds of plasticine

to start with — to use sparingly

until My Extra Order comes —

 I have the photograph

of Rudy’s Head

taped to My Tea Cupboard

& a close-up of His Eyes & Nose

attached to the tile

above My Dishwasher.

This is all to take place on the counter top

of My Dish Washer

where I will begin My Work

just as soon as the Styrofoam



NOTE:   The attitude of the head is tilted up, so I plan to be

lopping off a good portion of the Styrofoam neck at a pre-determined angle.