Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: April, 2019

M(Eye) Spontaneous Poem About M(Eye) Self

As Eye Am Placed

Here In A Very Public Place

Eye Was Just Offered The Golden Arches Themselves

Free For The Taking

And Eye Am Taking M(Eye) Nourishment From Them

Decked In Smokey Quartz

With REAL Diamonds

Furnished By A Trusting Jeweller

And By The ______________________

Of M(Eye) Disloyal Husband

M(Eye) Spontaneous Poem About Dr Blair/Hunter

He came 2 Me

Or i went 2 Him

Was taken 2 Him

By The Father of M(Eye) 3 Children.

i told Dr Blair of M(Eye) Undying Love

& i thought He was listening

butt Eye was mistaken.

Dr Blair thought i was mentally ill

& decided to “Love” Me

butt No Matter How Many Times

we Fucked

M(Eye) Undying Love Remained.

Dr Blair aka Hunter wasted

22 years of His Life


EYE Have The Whole Day

In Front Of Me.

there was a time

a dangerous time

when i did not want The Day

when i did not want anything


M(Eye) Mod-i-cum of Sat-is-faction

Last Night Eye Sat

beside The Fence

of M(Eye) Estranged Husband’s Grave Yard

inside M(Eye) Eye-dling Vehicle

with Its Operable Car Phone —

Eye had Him on M(Eye) Phone —

along w/ His Pot-smoking Girlfriend

Who insists All She Does

is Buy His Groceries

& “Clean” — perhaps

because She is still

His Patient —