Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: March, 2018

“Sleep Will Be An Issue For The Rest of Your Life”

Eye used to sleep a lot

on drugs

ingested religiously

@ 9:11pm


Those Days/Nights are gone forever

as I live

on paint fumes

Hip Hop Music

& M(eye) Own Life


1. The reclaiming of waste, desert, marshy or submerged land for cultivation or other use.

My walk today was to the beach

where storms of yester-year

came to reach

the dunes I trod

-mountains now-

strata exposed

to show My Ears

The Word


to echo clear —

I walked home

to turn the page

Who Cares?

Eye am The Woman

of glitter and gold

Eye have entered The Age

of Silver

to have and to hold

The Age of indifference —

Eye will never grow old


Hey Dr Blair

why don’t you tell them

Eye used to care

I used to wash your hair

like a Japanese housewife

why don’t you tell them

I put cream on your legs

at night

why don’t you tell them

Dr Blair —

Why don’t you tell them —

was Eye CRACKED?

The Silver Anniversary

Eye woke This Morning

from The Dream

of cleaning up cat shit

with M(eye) bare hands —

the cat shit was in the shape

of a computer key board —

laid on the seat of M(eye) Grandparents’

Victorian Rosewood Chair.

The Key Board was intricate —

It was Intricate Shit —

and I had It on My Hands


for 25 years

Eye have been stressed —

oppressed, suppressed, repressed —

the snake has no truck

with Me


Palm Sunday

Eye have The New Christ

pinned to M(eye) wall

She lays with Her Backside

bare to us all —

She fucks our Netflicks

to the content of Her Heart —

She dangles Her Crotch

& lets out a fart

In M(eye) House

Eye am in

The Silver Anniversary

of M(eye) Mother’s Death:

The Shower of SilverĀ  Lights

is 25 Years Old

and now Eye am free

of Its Stigma

and am living

under The Sun

& Moon


Eye have lifted M(eye) Shade

to The Alien Eye

of comfort & quiet

in the dark of morning’s night —

It shines through M(eye) Crack

as a blink of The Light

from out on The Cape

to surrender M(eye) Fight

A Rhyme for the Sake of Rhyming

Eye live in a hutch

of snow and ice

Eye need my crutch —

that would be nice