Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: July, 2022

Poem For Maria

Eye carry the grief

of My Unborn Daughter

and how sweet

to know She still lives

inside the glass of water

Eye filled with Her Napkin

at the time of my tears

upon Her Appearance

to me in a church

in Middle La Have

on a night in December

when She came

with Her Name

Two Beaches

Eye took off my favourite sandals

at two different walkways


first beside the long blue ribbed plastic

carpet roll

of Stoney Island Beach —

the long and graceful expanse

of surf and people

on the east side of Cape Island —

the second was at the little boardwalk

to the more rugged Hawk Beach

right where Eye live

with The Guzzle at one end

and slightly irregular sand declevities

undulating along its familiar stretch

partially used as nesting ground

by the endangered Piping Plovers —

Eye walked these two white sand beaches


in my aloneness

and even went for an ice cream cone


My Special Gull

Eye still have Gully

fed on dry cat food

and infrequent pieces of bacon

He meanders around the cats


on the deck

and flies off somewhere

with the regular gulls

at dusk

550 Copies Sold So Far

With a confusion of bracelets

upon My Left Wrist

and double watches on My Right

Eye gesture to My Mother’s Book

McNutt’s Island Journal

and put forth My Sales Pitch

to anyone who will listen


This evening is beautiful

mild & quiet

but Eye will not be walking

on the beach

as that would exemplify

my aloneness

which Eye am finding hard

to bear

Oh to be Gully

sitting, standing, on the deck rail

preening & stretching

He doesn’t care

that He is alone —

Oh, He just flew off

July 9

After hearing about Rogers’

shut down

on CBC Radio

Eye listened attentively to samples

of a women’s pro-choice protest in Washington D.C.

(My Mother almost marched there

against the Viet Nam War butt

got rear-ended at a toll booth instead)

and on CIFA Radio

Helen Reddy sang out


with a long long way to go –“


Yesterday Eye saw My Self

in long sleeveless Navy

with Peak’s Haida Silver Eagle

flitting over My Cleavage —

Eye was meeting Eliza at the airport

and went into Tim Horton’s first

to order a large decaf with triple cream —

My Hair was out

My Figure full

and Eye felt


From The Hawk Staircase

With Mouli Bouli purring against me

Eye sit at the top of my red stairs

with black railing

and black motif drips

on each riser

to write of this morning’s accomplishment:

unloaded my Chevy Malibu of 50 pieces

of work, my art

Eye am very proud of

exhibited at Th’Yarc

for the month just passed —

packed each piece away

in my art room/ office

except for the very last:

My Biographical Sign

hung in The Corner Room

next to “Iridescence”

also titled “Nova Scotia”