Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Category: Haiku


Veiled Sky Pulls Back

Revealing My Glowing Day

Dawning Underneath


Statuesque figure

shouldered an open doorway —

more nudists appeared

Watery Stroke

Pink washed horizon

seeps into dawn like the pull

of My Heart to Sky


Eye am living

in The State of Relief —

I will not be contstrained

by the formation

of even having to write

in Haiku

Over Baccaro

My sun emerging:

opposite of dead ember —

new flare of all life

Morning Window

My watery moon:

Halo of condensation

seeps through my dawning

This Is Me, Chagall!


know nothing about music

but know what Eye like

Extended Dawn

Eye have seen The Sun

rise through the Eye of a cloud

edged in Silver-Gold


Morning Realization

The Scraggly Apple

is Dead Butt Eye am Alive

to know It fully


Husband turned Me down

for the holiday weekend —

My Bed is for Me