Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Category: Haiku

Over Baccaro

My sun emerging:

opposite of dead ember —

new flare of all life

Morning Window

My watery moon:

Halo of condensation

seeps through my dawning

This Is Me, Chagall!


know nothing about music

but know what Eye like

Extended Dawn

Eye have seen The Sun

rise through the Eye of a cloud

edged in Silver-Gold


Morning Realization

The Scraggly Apple

is Dead Butt Eye am Alive

to know It fully


Husband turned Me down

for the holiday weekend —

My Bed is for Me

48-hour Sculpture

Eye have withdrawn Knife

from the centre of Black Rose:

slow-mo pulsation

Going To Waste

Audacious Husband

refuses to pay for sex

after eighteen years

Mother’s Day

Eye have inserted

My 2nd Best Kitchen Knife

inside the depths of Rose

Is The Price Right?

Every Woman Knows

Prostitution is Marriage

With Every Bed Made