Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: April, 2020

M(eye) House

M(eye) House is a monument

2 m(eye) 59 years

with m(eye) Children’s art work

intermingled with mine

with 5 companionable cats

leftover from a marriage

based on sex and home-cooked meals

(Eye was rarely taken out)

with a sea gull named Gully

(and his friend Interloper)

whom I trained to say “breakfast”

for a piece of bacon

with the bulk of m(eye) poetry

lining m(eye) only downstairs book case

with one 775 page volume

up on m(eye) closet shelf

M(eye) Eternity

March 25 20/20 The Hawk Queen Bed 2:43 am

Eye have seen The Structure of Light

radiating converging lines

at the edge, if it is an edge

of my windowsill

Eye have touched The Structure of Light

with my index finger on my right

if it is my right, finger tip

Eye have held The Structure of Light

within my frame of reference

if it is a frame

Eye have been Empowered

by The Force beyond my external self

if it is external

M(eye) New Morning

Eye have come

2 M(eye) place

Set before the liquid sun

Glinting off M(eye) perishable ocean

M(eye) precious ocean

Heralded by the inshore waves

And birdsong I love

And choose to live by