Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: February, 2023

So What

Eye am glad to be alone

in My Bed

even if Eye had to send

a nice Nigerian off in the snow

Mega Plan

Eye was born to desire

Order out of Chaos

with The Head & Hand

of a small man

Beloved O’ Mine

to go before The Upheaval

of Our Time

as The Emblem

of Man & Woman:

The Eternal Pair

Earth Is An Island

Earth is an Island

in The Sea of Life

Blue-filmed and precious

with Artificial Intelligence

arising as naturally

as The Cosmos

surrounding Our Home

Walk TO The Beach

Today’s Walk was TO The Beach

and not any further:

The Tide was Full

and The Waves were High

so I looked briefly

at The Surge

across The Sand

and turned around

It’s Raining Out

Why do I want Men to take Me Out

to Restaurants

and Feed Me

& Pay The Bill?

Is it because My Father

was separated from Me

by My Mother

after We left Africa, Gabon

Where I Was Happy

for The First Year of My Life?

I Remember The Dress Shop

I remember The Dress Shop

in Shelburne

where My Grandfather bought Me

The $34.00 Sundress

of Sky Blue

which I wore braless

to Junior High School

The Mammoth Computer

Poems on My Blog

Are fed to AI these days

Without My Control

Today’s Watercolour

Eye look to liquid sky

and think of watercolour paint

to capture winter hues

on this day of ephemeral cloud

and rich grey striation.

The sea is pewter

with lobster boat accent

and Eye stand before my kitchen window

with sketch book and writing pen

instead of sable brush.

Too Late

Eye left my bed unmade

Exercises undone

Anti depressant not taken

to go out for a late country breakfast

with my prize-winning dance partner

going on 92

We missed the breakfast

but took in the memorial carving

by Barry Crowell

of the premonition vision

of the sinking of The Miss Ally

ten years ago