Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

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Would Eye like

a Younger Man?

Someone from My Children’s Generation

or does age really matter?

Last night I dreampt

of a dark-haired, bright-eyed gentleman

who held My Hand in an open carriage

and kissed the back of it

each time He said something


The Cottage

Eye have had My Fill

of wedding rings

& long black hairs

dislodged from corners,

bed & bath

The man is Mine —

if He is a Man —

and I cannot live

the single life

Breathing Deeply

What is the significance

of the smell of a worn tee shirt

worn one night

by an estranged husband?

The smell of comfort?


The smell of sex?


The smell of age?


The smell of possession?




Thought Upon Rising

What are The Extremities

of The Human Body

but The Rays of A Star?

The Shlong Speaks 3

The trick is to hold Your Power

over someone’s head

without bashing in

His Skull

Seeing Is Believing

Dr Blair was surprised

I didn’t end up

in a dumpster in New York —

Well — he’ll be a lot more


when Eye end up

as The New Darling

of The Black Revolution

The Other Lolita

Today Eye saw

The Other Lolita

and managed to stare Her down

She tried to look me through and through

and took My Smile

above My Frown

Poem To Go To Sleep

Bereft of family

I would like My Own Baby —

but The Father?

There would be no father.

Baby would be immaculate.

How’bout Them Apples?



Free Verse

Yes Eye got Dr Blair


He doesn’t belong HERE

any more

if He cannot COME


Eye don’t want him

at all

The Shlong Speaks:

“God is The Ultimate

Control Freak”