"Good Morning, World!"

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My Father’s Birthday

September 19th, 2017

Eye am waiting for my agent

To call —

I pay him $150.00 an hour


He’s new —

Maybe I should

Marry him

The Bath

My Bedroom 5:05pm

Eye come from The Age

Of Pharoahs

Dressed in Gold —

Golden mesh

Snagged @ The Thought

Of M(eye) incessant



My Bedroom 4:00pm

Eye have toppled the WTC


With my last application

Of black

Shining within the singularity

Of Stratospheric


The Party Boat

The Hawk Corner Room 1:11 am

Light on light

I looked

Through binoculars

At the subtle moon

Shining on my watered horizon

And slowly — ever so slowly

My first sighting

Of a lit-up cruise ship

Fell into line


Halifax, Nova Scotia

Eye saw Him

But didn’t want to

As we left our grandparents’ funeral —

Their fallen down homestead —

I saw Him —

My dearest cousin —

Attempting a measurement?

A last trusted fitting?

Of the shredded screen

On the former front door

Of My Canadian/American Childhood


The Hawk Wing Chair 12:55pm

Eye am restored now

Like an 1800’s Heritage Home

After a quarter century’s neglect

My colours are mauve and black trim

Like the velvet holding my ponytail —

I have declared My Art

Up Front and Out

Like the rainbow logo

Of the new “Pride” —

Eye am All Woman

Hello Sun

The Hawk Corner Room 6:50am

Hello Sun are You

Going to be good to me

Today while Stratospheric Universe 

Continues to dry

— all 600 square feet

Of Her?

End of The Wild

The Tomato-coloured Couch 1:50pm

Eye have seen my first and last

Flock of goldfinches flitting

Amongst thistle-like flowering weeds

To have become my summer backyard–

Tomorrow it gets mowed

By a man I have yet to meet

In an effort to move my house

Into the rest

Of this tidy neighbourhood

See The Sun

The Hawk Deck 7:15am 

The Sun looks like a planet

Glowing this morning

Inside a feathered cloud

Of not fog — a lateral segment of cloud

Radiating multitudinous lines of white

Along its southern reaches


The Hawk Corner Room 6:28am

Before the first glint of sun

I heard three notes

From a distant Loon —

The ancient sound of comfort

From a source I had not known

Since I was first divided

In My Mother’s womb