Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

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We are seen

in relation to Others:

Our Friends

Our Relatives

and We go

about Our Lives

under the illusion

of Security

Wait A Minute

The Shower of Silver Lights

is My Ultimate Protection —

no one can touch Me

in the wrong place

because My Shimmering Spears

are lethal

and I finally know

how to wield Them

Our Mermaid’s Tail

20 years ago She was His Patient

when She had an affair

with Dr Blair —

then She lived with Him

for 5 years

then They got married

for 14

and Divorced

to find both in separate places:

Hers on The Hawk

His to South Side

where They meet along the wide-open beaches


just to drive each other crazy

Your Place or Mine?

My legal Husband

is transformed:

He is My Boyfriend now —

and Eye have always wanted

one of Those.

I Had A Dream

I had a dream

of a house, my house

on an island

with a row of carrots

planted by the back

and the Eastern Sun

out front

and a man I could call

my   own — well

he says he’s not in my life

he will not leave his wife

and so must I salvage

my second marriage

in some capacity

or should I, could I

be Independent?

Mother’s Day Special

Over pink carnations

she suggested sparingly:

give yourself away

Going To Waste

Audacious Husband

refuses to pay for sex

after eighteen years

My House Is Calling

My House is calling

Me from room to room

Tonight I will sleep

in Its Corner

with The Peepers

and The Waves

@ My Head

and Eliza’s Horse Blanket

on top

Goldilocks Says:

Eye Am The Universe

To My Tiniest Cell:

We are right inbetween

The Infinitely Small

& The Infinitely Large

& THAT is how

We can know



Truck headlights coming

down the neighbour’s drive @ 5:

one lobsterman off