Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: May, 2020

Studio video

For Stephanie Quinlan

The Sister Dress

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Watch “Joanna Gilman Hyde” on YouTube

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My Reflection

There’s an open window

in my view of the sky —

It falls to the ocean

silver in today’s sun

The diagonal shadows

of it pains

reach down to the see

and through it I can hear

the waves of my eternity

Back 2

Back in 1984 I walked

into Tiffany’s and decided

someday I would wear

their $240,000.00 diamond and sapphire necklace

someday — and now —

if Eye were to wear it

Eye would wear nothing else

with my hair undone —

not even earrings — but of course

Eye would HAVE to wear earrings


and they would dangle and sparkle

at the sides of my face

and with the gems around my throat

what would that make me?