Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: June, 2019

The Woods Harbour Parade

Eye stood beside My Pretty Pictures

next to tables spread with candy apples

caramel apples

decorated cookies on sticks

to see the crowd of parents

with their children in strollers

with a sleeping baby dressed

in a lobster suit

with teenage girls on parade

and a kid with his father’s airbrushed tattoo

of double cat claws

against his right shoulder

Two strollers held little happy people

holding lollipops

and Eye watched the tiny fists collide

as both raised their arms in delight

to thrust their emblems forward


35 years ago

Bill N. Lacy* gave Me a box —

a little wooden box, black and green —

telling Me It was for My Dreams.

“It’s to keep Your Dreams in”

He said as He opened It —

When I was married to The Father

of My Children

I gave It away

as the only Birthday Present I had

to a beautiful dark haired girl

named Leah, Whose Mother

just bought a lottery ticket

on My Donated Paintings

and gave Me a hug.


*President of Cooper Union when I graduated in 1983