Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: August, 2013


The Hawk Queen Bed 9:30pm

Today I drove past A Big Black Crow

perched atop a pile of dirt

He struck Me by His Blackness

compared to the organic colouration of brown

He stood as The Finial Of Dignity

above a mountain of earth

His Mountain — His Keep

–singularly His Post —

The Crow made the brown Truly Brown

His Black was Truly Black


The Hawk Deck 1:00pm

Today A Horsefly

sat upon My Deck Rail

Big & Ugly

named A Creature of Satan

by My Mother —

I did not swat It

I did not kill It

I have never before

spared The Life

of One of Those


The Hawk West Desk Window 7:40pm

I hear the distant surf

coming in like radio static

whose constant frequency

is broken only intermittently

by the heckling of a gull

or by the infrequent surge

of a vehicle on the road

acting as an incoming wave


The Tomato-coloured Couch 6:57pm

I Began This Day

Lying In Bed

& Now I Want

To Go Back

To Go To Sleep

With The Windows Open

Upon My Dream


The Tomato-coloured Couch 4:56pm

I am feeding

on the greenery of quiet

waiting for word

from a fleet of white


telling Me

“Now’s The Time

Just Sit Tight

We’ll Be There Soon —

The Answer Will Be Soon — ”

The opening of My Cocoon

will be applauded


The Tomato-coloured Couch 1:17pm

I Am A Woman

Who Writes Poetry

To Slice Its Way


My Tools Are Silver Swords

Forged From My Brain

Brandished Publically

To Zap

The Unaware

With Words

Of Flame


The Globe



To The Molten Makings

Of The Stars


The Hawk West Desk Window 9:45am

Back in My Bed

on the pretence of not enough sleep

I lie in repose

and wonder the look

on The Face

of The Nameless, Faceless Doctor

Who scraped out My Dear .4

and what of it

in My Reclining Pose

had I demanded My Pieces

be saved —

saved in a jar of formaldehyde?


Highway 103, NS 2:22pm

Today I washed some dishes

left by My Daughter

in the house in Atlantic

My First Marital House

where My Third Child was conceived

and aborted on the anniversary

of My Mother’s Death

My Daughter is going to college

this weekend

My Son is out west

— I may see Him at Christmastime

and .4 — that’s what I call Him/Her —

is not in heaven

because I don’t believe in heaven

She/He is still with Me

My Body is My Heaven


The Hawk Queen Bed 7:45pm

When I am old & dying

I want to lie beside an open window

letting in the waves on air

the freshest murmur of the sea

so that I may be carried off

to My Next Plateau

wrapped inside

The Nautilus



FFU — 798

The Hawk Portico 12:50pm

I got The Best License Plate Ever

picked out at random from a big drawer

by The Lady at The Motor Vehicles Registry —

It proclaims:  FFU

& now My Temporary License

has been removed from the driver’s side

back window

after applications of nail polish remover

& oven cleaner

to get the stick-um off

I got it off

with My Own Spit