Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: October, 2021


Today in broad daylight

in line for a Tim’s

Eye spied a young banana

trying to get in

to a house repeatedly

while his mother stood aside

he must have known the occupant

and badly showed his pride

and amused the occupant

of my car — that was me —

dressed in black

happily to hide

Tea Steeps

Eye step out onto my deck

into the light of the crescent moon

and a few remaining stars

wafted by the clouds of morning

to hear the ocean

to feel the air

of my coming day

Buy Back

When Eye thought I was moving

to Haida Gwaii

Eye went through Eliza’s closet

where some clothes of mine

were a little small —

skirts mostly and a dress of russet

bought at the Frenchy’s on Highway 103

when Eye was in love with that colour —

a man there looked at me

but I never wore that New Year’s dress

instead I sent it packing

to The Salvation Army in Barrington

where today Eye bought it back

along with the skirts

and even a make up case

Eye recognized as mine

Titled Clean Up

Diptych titled Winter’s Coming

On display at Alex Pink’s law office in Yarmouth Nova Scotia

Eye Can

2′ x 3′ mixed media for sale at a dentist’s office in Meteghan Nova Scotia

Faded Sunrise

Pink ripples cloud edge

Orb still sits on horizon

Haiku seeps on page

Morning Fishing Boat

Single orb of light

Sits on my mauve horizon

Morning spark for me


This morning Eye set out

with The Eastern Light behind me

across the causeway

under voluminous clouds

to White Point’s Gift Shop

where two of my works were taken

seven works were taken at Coastal Queens Place

in their gallery —

I’m getting my name out —

and drove back to Port Maitland

where Eye have eleven works

at Hook & Sea

to listen to an upright piano

before coming home

across the causeway

with The Western Light

behind me

A Very Humble Cross

8″ x 10″ $150 Canadian