Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: June, 2021

Lac d’en Bas

Eye had a lakeside cup of Bengal Spice

offered by Corinne from Pubnico

Who lived the life

under Her Canopy of leaves

of 22 years

beside the Lac d’en Bas

She saw a turtle

from Her Dock

(complete with wooden diving board)

Eye met Her Husband

of salty stock

Who showed me Art

found in burls

and tree knots —

a wolf, a whale, a dragon head

and out in His Back Field

His “Camouflaged” Trailer

to hide His Cars

amongst His Collection

of ancient tractors, lumber mills

and What-not


Eye sat in my black car

in a short red dress

in front of Tim Horton’s

and thought

This is what prostitutes do

Mahone Bay

Eye caught the eye

of an Indian man

sitting at an outdoor drinking stand

Eye was wearing a new black bra

under a sleeveless pant-dress thing

black with small floral print

as Eye walked past

The Unknown Song

Eye am a single Love Bird

bereft of its mate

Eye had a vision

to propell me through the last 28 years

The Vision of The Union

with one other

— a little man

who wanted to fly —

What is the call

of The Love Bird?

Something Eye have never


A Grandmother’s Song

She looked at me with eyes so blue

and wore a sweater that colour too

She sang this song

and I told Her it was a song for me —

“I wish I had someone to love me

someone to carry me home

someone to call me their own

I wish I had someone to love me

I’m tired of living alone

If I had the wings of an angel

over these prison walls I would fly

I would fly to the arms of my darling

there I’d be willing to die”

She sang this song

while She waited

to have supper

at Her Mother’s

Essential Bird Song

The call of The Jay

is from my childhood

The Gull my present day

The Crow is of my new reality

The Willet Jordan Bay

The Chickadee is my mother

as the window opens wide

Eye sit to listen as I’m told

and always question Why