Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: December, 2020

Ryan King’s Birthday

In the stillness Eye write

standing on my deck

with opaque sun

and distant waves


to the dappled bird calls

heralding this new morning

Ode 2 His Eyes

If Eye could write an Ode

2 His Eyes

It would be blue

and changeable

2 match every shirt

Eye picked out

M(eye) X — miss Tree

Eye have A Black Heart

atop M(eye) Tree of Desire

upside down It becomes

The Seat

of M(eye) Sexuality

cold as the grand arrangement

of colourless balls and trinkets

carefully placed to surround

M(eye) Emblem of Jesus

suspended above a lower bough

For M(eye) X

You told me repeatedly

Eye was The Love of Your Life

and then said


How — Eye would like to know

when You got a girlfriend

“Not Much 2 Look At”

while Eye have had no one

2 fill

M(eye) Life’s Desire

The Way You Did

The X — miss Fertility Ritual

Today Eye am going to put

My Emblem of Female Genitalia

up in my bedroom, where it belongs

trimmed in black lace

and silver stars

and perched with a glass squirrel

— My Mother’s Sentiment —

for how She saw Her Self

Self Isolation

Eye have moved

from Thunder Bay

into the cover of darkness

brandished across my mouth and nose

for my provincially regulated 14 days

I am expected to remain

in my humble surroundings

with 5 cats

and one attentive neighbour

volunteering to get

my groceries