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"Good Morning, World!"

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This Is Not Poetic:

Maria’s Death was Accidental

No One was to Blame

Not Even God


Eye Dance My Dance

Eye Write My Right

Eye Paint My House

Eye Walk My Walk

And Eye Have My Ultimate Companion

Peter’s Birthday

Eye have painted The World


on the anniversary

of My First Date

with My Children’s Father

when We picked strawberries

and drank champagne

and imagined


in Nova Scotia

The Last Day of Lobster Season

is the 31st anniversary

of My Marriage

to The Father of My Three Children —

and a Good Father He is.

It was a day like today:

Still, Hot and Sublime

A Place for Marriage

There is a place for Marriage

in amongst the confessions

of many — The Vow

and if You break it

You’re in trouble.


My First Vow was “until Death”

and The Death was My Mother’s —

My Second

I don’t remember voicing

and the wedding itself

was an abomination.


What’s The Latest?

My Divorcing Husband

has allowed Me to become

The Social Outcast

Who walks My expansive beach alone

Who sleeps with

The Virginal Banana

Who reads Her Verse

dressed like a vamp

while He refuses to ask

“How did it go?”

Assault w/ a Weapon

Eye have in my possession

the implement of destruction:

the blue and white iron

belonging to My First Husband

wielded by His Former Live-in Girlfriend

a dancer

to whack Him on His Hip

while hot

to leave a permanent scar

of polka dots

and The Man’s Story

of “Bad PMS”


Eye Claim


for 9/11

and Quite a Responsibility

It Is:

I have not sung a song

in honour of


(My New Art Form)

I have hung

M(eye) First Husband’s Love Letter

upon M(eye) Refrigerator