Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: July, 2014


The Tomato-coloured Couch 6:00pm

They are The Nuns of The Night

putting on Their Alien Lamp

with a wave of A Purple Latex Glove

taking care of My Dentifrice

humming a Serena Ryder tune


The Hawk Outpost 9:00am

I See The Silver

Sheen Upon The Ocean So

I Know I Am Home


The Hawk Basement 1:00pm

Last night I dreamt

of a Gorilla Woman

Who could not speak

being “cared for” by a man

Who had fathered two young girls

by another woman

and The Gorilla Woman

was Their Foster Mother —

first Her Face was a Gorilla Face

then She turned into An Old Human

wearing Old Lady Clothes


The Hawk Deck Rail 12:11pm

The Waves are loudest

just beyond The Scraggly Apple

I have prepared My House

for a deep thinker

& am ready to depart

for a trip

of No Expectations


The Hawk West Desk Window 12:15pm

Two Jehovah’s Witnesses

knocked on My Side Door

while I was mopping upstairs

& tried to get Me

to believe in Satan

but I would have none of it:

“I give The Devil no credence”

They said, “So You believe Mankind is responsible

for all the bad things?”

I said, “In part, but I believe

in The Reconciliation of Opposites”

“What’s That?”

I told Them I wanted to get back

to My Cleaning


The Hawk West Desk Window 12:17pm

I Have Seen The Universe

Swirled In The Accidental Toe Print

Of Our White Cloth Bath Mat

In Eliza’s Shower

& When I Stepped Upon It

I Unintentionally Drew Out The Pin Wheel Form

To Leave

A Mere Trace

Of Our Grandest



The Hawk Deck 3:30pm

I’m breathing New Life

into Black

out on My Laundry Line:

a solitary long black sweater

— short sleeved —

$1.25 @ The Salvation Army

to go with My New Travelling Outfit

for Our Air Plane Ride

out to Vancouver

I Am The Second Coming

The Tomato-coloured Couch 10:55pm

I Am The Second Coming

I Can Come In My Multiplicity

I Can Spread My Name

& My Legs

Across This Great Wide World

I Can Take In All Erections

Ejections & Ejaculations

Of Mankind

& Make Everything New

For A Change

I’ve Seen Another Galaxy

The Tomato-coloured Couch 8:22pm

I’ve seen another Galaxy

end-on in the crumb-laden

line of frosting off a piece

of Carrot Cake —

contained in a clear plastic box

I held

with My Barbie-Band-Aided fingers

from when I sliced My Left Index

& where Astro scratched

My Pinkie


The Tomato-coloured Couch 6:22pm

In Memory Of All The Flies

Who Died When I Sprayed

Their Cranny

Over My Storm Door —

In Memory Of All Those

Times I Let You Out

Carefully Lowering The Glass Panel

On The Screen

To Ease You Down Without Harm —

I Have Had To Sweep Off

Your Carcasses

From My Step

& Hope I Never See Your Brothers