Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Category: fame

This Afternoon

Eye lay on the beach sand

alone on My Aqua Towel

face down to hear the waves

with The Sun on My Back

and re-named My Painting



“Nova Scotia”

Gully Speaks

Gully The 3rd is trained

to speak His Mind:

He says “breakfast”

for a piece

of cheese or bacon

& Eye can see

His Thinking

in His Eyes

Awning, Dawning, Spawning

An Awning We will erect

on the facade of the UFO Museum

in Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia

to exhibit The Model of Self Organizing Galaxy

unfurled, to Dawn upon The World

as the only surviving Artefact

of The Artwork which Spawned


Your Place or Mine?

My legal Husband

is transformed:

He is My Boyfriend now —

and Eye have always wanted

one of Those.

48-hour Sculpture

Eye have withdrawn Knife

from the centre of Black Rose:

slow-mo pulsation


Dr Blair, on the night of August 14, 1999

Eye made you sign a contract for sex.

Eye would like to renew that contract,

update it by 19 years to include

hotel, food, gas, all extraneous expenses

+ $500.00 upfront per 24 hour period

of My Companionship.

Is this too much to ask for the continuation

of what was a marriage based

solely on sexuality?

Mother’s Day

Eye have inserted

My 2nd Best Kitchen Knife

inside the depths of Rose

Art Report

Painting “Butt Ugly”:

glitter stuck to Its Cow Flops

first seen today lit

And Eye Have Maria

How Do You Get To Be Anything

Without Being A Wanna-be?

NOTE:  Eye am already

everything I have ever

wanted to Be —

except a helicopter pilot —

not YET

Is The Price Right?

Every Woman Knows

Prostitution is Marriage

With Every Bed Made