Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Category: fame

Fantasy Cut

Eye have My Princess Dress

in Lime Green Satin

sequinned of course

with exposed crinoline lining

in multiple layers —

It was for Some Girl’s Prom

but Eye will make of It what I will:

Sex On A Hilltop

in The High Meadow Grass



Eye will paint

The Sea Foam White

inlaid with shards of shells


with infant fingers

from My First Beach

in Africa

The Artist’s Legacy

If You’re a poet

and You kill Yourself

no one will appreciate

Your Work

the way You would have



If You’re an artist

and You cut off Your Ear

people will call You


The Accident

Eye was The 1st-grader

Who spilt chocolate milk

on Her smocked blue and white dress

in the school cafeteria

just before She was to sing

in the chorus

of “Chicken Little”

That Polaroid Poise

Eye sat in My Mother’s

yellow butterfly chair

thrown out by

My First husband

tanned legs crossed —

broad arms crossed —

downward sideways glance

with My Father’s Gold Metal

around My Neck

& My Red Tank Top



The Shlong Whispers

Hey Dr Blair

U stepped all over

My Fantasy —

Eye guess all that’s left


is to sue

Your Ass


Seeing Is Believing

Dr Blair was surprised

I didn’t end up

in a dumpster in New York —

Well — he’ll be a lot more


when Eye end up

as The New Darling

of The Black Revolution

This Rhymes:

Dr Blair

took Me



Eye Dance My Dance

Eye Write My Right

Eye Paint My House

Eye Walk My Walk

And Eye Have My Ultimate Companion

What Do Eye Laugh At?

Eye laugh at Arrogance —

or do I?