Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: May, 2022

Money Is Our Circulation

Money feeds Our Economy

through Our Veins

so we can go places

like to work

like to play

like to buy stuff

like to stay

in hotels

eating lots of food

paying bills late

or on time

so we can go places

& have a good time

See This?

See This Ring?

It doesn’t matter what It cost —

Eye bought It for My Birthday

Years and Years ago

to signify my “attachment”

to The Little Man

Eye say Eye have been in love with

for nearly three decades.

See This Diamond?

It houses a pie-shaped Inclusion

to signify Its Uniqueness

and Eye wear it upon my left ring finger

Now and Then

to signify my endless heart’s time.

At 5:00 am

Fog has obscured

My Cape Light

My Fast & True

Steadily Flashing

Like A Multi-carat Diamond

Against My Window Sill

My Bedroom Delight

there is nothing out there now

butt a dark haze

Ready to glow with the coming dawn

Ready to signal My Rising

And As Eye linger

Over My Writing

A Neighbour’s Headlights Drive Out

Illuminating Slowly

My Drenched Window

My Dripping Window

Mother’s Day

Eye have embarked on selling

My Mother’s book

McNutt’s Island Journal

wherever Eye can

and found today that

Eye could even sell

at Canadian Tire in Yarmouth

after which Eye went out

to a favourite restaurant


where Eye ordered seafood fettuccine

with homemade noodles

which took over one hour to prepare

Eye didn’t mind

glancing at a dwarf mother

and her dwarf tot

Eye smiled because

She was waiting too

having a good time

at a large table

with men and other children

while the man Eye was with

grew impatient

and wanted to leave

and didn’t even ask

if Eye wanted dessert