Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: October, 2019

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3 Years To The Day

I walked out of The Marital Bedroom

angry as I was

yet His Blue Sage Tranquility Candle

is set again upon My Bathroom Window Sill.

I wear The Divorce Ring

I forced Him to buy two summers ago

upon My Left Ring Finger

to signify the solidity

of my determination

to keep The Man I claim —

The Man I married

by mistake

The Man who incites my ferocity

and excites the most basic desire

I know.

I know.

2 Him

M(eye) Pre-dawn Sky

plays with Me —

The Crescent Moon Over The Ocean

is tinted gold to catch M(eye) View —

and as Eye look up to Orion

at the Eastern corner of M(eye) House

Eye feel secure in M(eye) fun —

and there 2 is The Big Dipper

on Its side, tipping,

and as Eye look 2 think,

there comes a shooting star

as M(eye) Answer


Eye have just applied the last

of m(eye) cement to the canvas

of m(eye) Newest Dawn

and 2 m(eye) sublime fortification

and Oh! What Supreme


Have Eye!!

The Crystalization of Humanity

It has been our flow

of the organic shapes of Earth

laid out flat, or rippled, or swirling

undulating at our feat

whereby we have built our empires

on computer circuit boards

dazzling within our linear





Eye miss His Smell in This King

Or is It M(eye) Own?

Temporary Hiatus

Eye am still writing poetry — privately now. But Eye may decide to post in the near future. Thank you very much my readers, new and old.