Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: April, 2012


My Daughter’s Name
is whispered in The Restaurant
with Her Face covered
except for Her Left Eye
covered by a cell phone
texting messages to a German in Mexico
on My Fifty-First Birthday
She announces I am
The Most Graceful Eater
She Has Ever Known


"No Body's Gonna Mess W' My Super Cat!" 

Today I got My Super Cat --

not the tabby from My Childhood --

Today I got ASTRO --

The Longest Living Cat From The Pound  --

The Biggest, Sleekest, Blackest Cat

picked out by Me when All I had To Go By

was a dark and haunted face

sticking out from a butterflied cat bed

advertising He Was Free!

(since He'd been there over a year

the adoption fee would be waived)

but now He's worth My Life --

I don't have to say "He's My Mascot!"

This Is All I Have To Say --

and I've said it to Him already:

"Astro, Wherever YOU go, I GO"

written by Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

on December 2nd in The Year 2010

(& not written in Her Diary)