Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: May, 2017

Ol’ Humpty

The Hawk Queen Bed 1:25am

Humpty Dumpty hit a brick wall

Humpty got dumped by His 3rd Wife

All The Island’s Money

All The Island’s Fishermen

couldn’t put Humpty

back in His Bed again

Read This & Spy

The Hawk Queen Bed 9:00pm

my New Black Chrysler 

crouches in hiding

protected by the stone snake

that forms my cellar drive

built when this dream-house was built

in 2001

the year I went to London

with my soon-to-be second husband —

or was it then?

Inside Twelve Hours

The Tomato-coloured Couch 8:00pm

In M(eye) Fortress of Art

Eye am armed with talent

and Those Who  dare enter

will come under siege —

The Cats are spooked

The Guests are few

and Eye remain secluded

grappling at a distance

with a husband

who has declared his Statement

made against M(eye) Body


The Yowl of Captivity

The Tomato-coloured Couch 4:00pm

She howled from Her Balcony


to be let out

to play and hunt

but it’s been ten days

and Her Substitute Owner

sees no rest

held hostage

by law


and that good ol’ Stand By:



The Tomato-coloured Couch NOON

Under His No Contact Order

He suggested by phone

using the glove compartment

inside His Leased Black Ford Taurus

for Me to retrieve My Stolen Gold

Arabian Pendant

given to Me by My Father

when I was Twenty





The Hawk Queen Bed 4:15am

Eye burst forth like a rose

layer, bunch, layer

pink and orange

in the early night

of M(eye) Waking

to see The Darkness

and hear the small rain

with Cami Cat

snooping around

M(eye) cover


The Hawk Corner Room 1:04pm

He stands, cute

with His Big Flat Feet

to eat peanuts or

cat food

thrown by M(eye) Left Hand —

Today in M(eye) Monogrammed Robe

His Colour —

Eye stood @ the deck rail

religiously repeating “breakfast, breakfast”

coaxing Him to speak —

when His Beak mouthed The Word

still silent

Eye threw Him a nut

& smiled & smiled

He looked @ Me askance

but Eye didn’t give up —

Eye trained & trained

holding M(eye) Robe closed @ the neck

with M(eye) free hand

and lo & behold

He got closer —

Eye chanted “Breakfast, Breakfast”

and He spread His Left Wing

and performed an arabesque


The Gift

The Hawk Deck 8:00am

Yes, She brought Me

a dead bird —

deposited on the rope mat

Eye treasure —

Cami Cat —

Husband’s Cat

brought Me a little yellow bird

— It’s in the freezer now —