Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: August, 2021

Petting Jerome

On a clear Sunday morning

at the end of summer

I sit on my not-so-famous deck

to drink my morning decaf —

The cats are out around me

and the laps of the cutting waves

and occasional distant bird calls

grace my new? existence

which Eye have been questioning

of late

The Scraggly Apple

The Scraggly Apple

has no leaves now — it sits bare

for the birds and me

Cape Island Grief

The surf tonight has a mournful tone

perhaps the cause is my frame of mind —

a young man is gone

my daughter knew him well

his family grieves together

while I walk out mine

Poem for a Memory

Jevon Link came to Eliza’s door

ten years ago on Valentine’s Day

holding a bouquet of roses

pink I think.

She dried

and painted


I look at her watercolour

every morning.