Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Category: visual art

Fountain of Youth

The silhouette of My Scraggly Apple

with Its new three leaves

looks like the edging

on some of My Paintings:

blobs of lichen and lines —

drips carried

off by the end

of a paint stick

Early Morning Moon

Eye watched The Moon

escape The Clouds —

the veil of its delicate


to be released

above My Bowl of pink

and gold beneath

the accent of its reach —

only to disappear amidst

the haze of upper


Over Baccaro

My sun emerging:

opposite of dead ember —

new flare of all life

Morning Window

My watery moon:

Halo of condensation

seeps through my dawning

This Afternoon

Eye lay on the beach sand

alone on My Aqua Towel

face down to hear the waves

with The Sun on My Back

and re-named My Painting



“Nova Scotia”

Awning, Dawning, Spawning

An Awning We will erect

on the facade of the UFO Museum

in Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia

to exhibit The Model of Self Organizing Galaxy

unfurled, to Dawn upon The World

as the only surviving Artefact

of The Artwork which Spawned



Eye am permitted

to view The Sun surfacing

delayed by rightful cloud

Extended Dawn

Eye have seen The Sun

rise through the Eye of a cloud

edged in Silver-Gold



Husband turned Me down

for the holiday weekend —

My Bed is for Me


Eye bought Silver Satin Sheets

for The Man Eye Cannot Have

but made My Bed with old

brown flannel bottom

and holy cream top

for The Man Who Is My  Husband