Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: February, 2022

M(eye) MC

Who was that impetuous child

Who climed into The Cat Box

and sprayed out galaxy after galaxy

for me to clean up?

Who was that Blue-blooded Boy

with a thatch of black hair

Who scampered about in M(eye) Mind

while Eye imagined The Divine Family

forever kept in check

by M(eye) Master Climax?

He played in M(eye) House

for days it seemed

while Eye couldn’t sleep

and dreamed instead

of The Future of Mankind —

Where did He go?

What is He up to now?

Double Vision

Eye have just two

paper weights sitting on the sill

of M(eye) picture window:

on the left is a pink jelly fish

encased in oblong glass

heavy enough to kill somebody

a gift Eye bought for M(eye) Daughter Eliza

when She turned 16.

The right holds a storm of silver

encased in bulbous crystal

with a bit of blue at the bottom

bestowed upon Me by Eliza’s Mother-in-law

when She graced Me with the choice

to take any one of Her collection

as long as Eye didn’t take the weight

given to Her by Her Father

M(eye) Family Tree

Eye own an apple

only it’s dead —

completely dead now

butt it is the only tree Eye own

Eye will not cut it down

from M(eye) Backyard

where this morning

a red-headed bird

landed on it

at 9:11

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