Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: June, 2017


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 9:44am

Gully is ringed by daisies now.

He stands in the rain

like a lawn ornament

in the grass I’ve grown wild —

His tameness is endearing

with His quizzical head

swivelling to the sequence

of thought —

or is He following

the wonder

animating the field

before Me?

Gentlemen Prefer Sunrise

The Hawk Corner Room 5:51am

The Star of M(eye) Horizon

punctuates Our Life

for one split second

She emerges

as a glint

to meld into


of Madness

and Delight

The Balcony Game

My Bedroom 8:41pm

Eye used to live on a balcony

With its rails so tall & strong

My husband’s cat cries there now

For a petting good & long

Eye pull my seated body up

After pulling her so close —

Eye grab the blackness I have painted

And haul My Self to Host


My Bedroom 7:25am

The Call of The Wild Willet

All the way from Jordan Bay

Reaches out to me

Through the covers

The Clouds

While I lie in my bed

Alone with a cat

And coffee

I have prepared





The Hawk Corner Room 6:30am

Futuristic CONSTRUCT

meshed within ancient wood

remains envisioned


forever until complete

until consummation

upon M(eye) Island of Soul

upon M(eye) Cliffside of Existence

chaining M(eye) Partner of Mind

2 Body replete


The Hawk Deck 6:20am

The Scraggly Apple is glinting

in the early morning sun —

It is a half dead tree full

of rainbows —

Eye sea It glisten

without M(eye) glasses on

and so lay down contentment

for The Day

of M(eye) Dawn



M(eye) Bedroom 7:43pm

If ever Eye sea

a drop of blood

on The White Breast

of  M(eye) Gully

Eye WILL be turned

to kill

and so goeth



“The Spruce”

June 14 2017 Shelburne, NS 7:11am

Last night I listened

And I listened —

to The Expression of a Social

Out Cast —

Boy could He move that Mike

against a backdrop

of fake disco lights

I danced for Him

& the rest of  “Them” —

danced with the un-danceable

the infirm and the lonely.

I shook Their Hands.


The Hawk Kichen Outpost 4:57pm

It’s a hard way to win

with this incessant drive

under threat of life and limb —

I could never hold It differently–

I was meant to strive

for All My Worth

and Our Worth

of Silver  —


over gold