Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: February, 2014


The Hawk Kitchen 6:13pm

The Twigs Of The Scraggly Apple

Feel Their Way Up Toward The Eastern Blush

Of Sunset To My Back

The Top Branch Reaches A Cloud

— Fully Grey —

And Delineates My Future Comfort

In All Its Windy



The Hawk Corner Room 10:22am

I Stood Naked

— as My Shower heated —

before The Corner Room Window

to lay My Eyes

upon The Sea

glistening Silver

in lateral streaks

to Cleanse Me

of My Jaded Spirit


The Tomato-coloured Couch 7:20pm

If I Had Any Doubt

As To The Complexities

And Future Order

Of My Life

As I Foresee It

I Have Not A Shred Now

As I Have Been


By The Glowing Blue 22

On My Kitchen Counter

Stew Pot


The Hawk Queen Bed 2:22pm

This Is Nova Scotia

Land O’ M’ Dreams

Where Anything Can Happen

Sea Salt Air Calls Me

Through The Crack In My Window

I Rise To Its Undulating Voice

Determined To Listen


The Hawk Queen Bed 10:22am

This Morning I Was Accompanied

By Luminous Silver From The Ocean

While I Made Our Second Cups Of Coffee

& Unloaded The Dishwasher


The Tomato-coloured Couch 9:45pm

I see You at the doors

to Sobey’s with Your Wife

I’m with My Husband —

I dodge across The Parking Lot

to The Cart Corral

with Its Yellow Sign:

In The Event Of An Emergency

Gather Here

I sit cross-legged on the pavement

below The Sign —

Do You Come Over To Me?

Does My Husband —

Or Does He Converse With Your Wife?

When & With Whom

Do I Lift My Arms

Up & Out To The Sides

As I Did In Your Presence On October 22, 1993

To Voice, Not For The First Time

I Am In A Spiritual Emergency?


The Tomato-coloured Couch 6:00pm

We See The Same Sun

We Watch The Same Moon

Our Thoughts Converge

Inside Our Unified Mind —

We Live For Each Other

And Die Only In Our Imaginings


The Tomato-coloured Couch 5:00pm

I Am Black Jesus

I Am Red, Yellow, Brown, White

Purple Is The Colour

Of My Massive Heart

My Hair Is A Rainbow

I Wear No Clothes

But Unlike The Emperor

I Know That I Am



Joanna Gilman Hyde

 My Host picked Me up in The Late Afternoon

March 31st 1993

I wasn’t ready still in My Bathrobe

My Host patted Me “Don’t worry You can take It off

when We get there — They’ll be Delighted”

We arrived early

at Windows On The World

at the coat check where men without jackets

borrow jackets I disrobed

walked in on The Arm of My Host

to be seated at A Table for Three

My Host coaxed “What would You like to drink?”

“I Think Old-fashioned” It came

It came again and We switched

to Champagne

The Menus appeared

I couldn’t make up My Mind

My Host had to indicate The Appetizer:

Oysters On The Half Shell and Someone

dropped in A Pearl for Me to find

for Me to contemplate

I turned The Pearl in My Mind

questioning Its Meaning while

My Host laughed

“That’s Nothing!”

On Came The…

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The Tomato-coloured Couch 8:35pm

Tonight I bit into

The Meaning Of Life

It was Crispy Cookie

on The Outside

with Chocolate Chunks

& Chocolate Ice Cream

in The Middle —

I took several savoury bites

as I did when It was first served

to Me

in The Dark of March 31st, 1993 —

I crunched The Chocolate

& The Ice Cream melted

on My Tongue

I swallowed My Last Swallow

& then It was gone