Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Category: Dr William Hunter Blair

The Cottage

Eye have had My Fill

of wedding rings

& long black hairs

dislodged from corners,

bed & bath

The man is Mine —

if He is a Man —

and I cannot live

the single life


With This Ring

Eye Thee Wed

Upon My Brother’s Chain

Around My Neck

I Am Thy Slave

The Good Wife

Women are at least

as territorial as men,

and Eye run

a tight ship.


Eye may not want to

clean & cook for My Husband:

Eye fuck legally


Eye hear the waves

from across The Guzzle

where rising

My Husband resides.

Eye will not be pushed around

by Him

or anyone else.

My presence



He Says The Affair Is Over

Is This The Oldest Line In The Book?

Before Coffee

There is nothing romantic

about The Sexual Power Play.

I am under His Control

and Eye don’t like it.

Eye am an egg

sitting here

and He is the forceful sperm.

I have no choice but to wait

for Him

and Eye don’t like it.

Who has put Me

in this vulnerable position?


The Moncton Thing

There was a time —

boy was it a time —

when I was sent

to the heights

of sexual gratification

in a Holiday Inn

in Moncton, New Brunswick

without the face of a man

Breathing Deeply

What is the significance

of the smell of a worn tee shirt

worn one night

by an estranged husband?

The smell of comfort?


The smell of sex?


The smell of age?


The smell of possession?




The Art of Sexual Frustration

Eye have a Doctor

in My Bed

and nice to Me

He is not —

He sleeps & sleeps

upon His Head

which I could grab —

is He Hot?