Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Category: Dr William Hunter Blair


I never did like

the way he wangled his dick

along the stair case


My sculpture melted —

Dance Demonstration Request:

He told Me “Curtsy”


M(eye) Estranged Husband

is a Hot Ticket

in His Office

and on the internet —

He’s got one of my closest friends

after Him already

and She’s Age




He used to say:

“I love Your Toes –”

and didn’t know why

so nobody knows


He once wrote:

“I love You to distraction –”

It came at a time

when I was a fraction

of My Former Self

at His Behest

when We were installed

as His Daughter’s Guests


Her voice rang clear

the morning We left:

“You don’t give a fuck

about your grandchildren — ”

and so goes My Quest

for compensation regarding My Past

twenty years of seclusion by Him —

He Who assured Me

He never would fail

to deliver support

if I fell off The Rail

which I did once or twice

(but not into His Arms)

though I stayed as His Wife

and buttered His Charms


It’s over now —

I’m cutting My Loss

of One Child’s Silence

I am willing to toss

to remain in My Stead

I ask to be free

of The Bonds of This Marriage

strung on The Cross


“Wifely Persecution”

Three little roof lines

laced along the trees

silhouetted against the seas

adjacent to the skies —

I love to look out

this way to the Eastward

view of My Own —

I wake up here every day

when the dawn presents

Itself to Home


What did Dr Blair

hope to achieve by holding

me down for so long?

Little Lolita

Eye am forever Lolita

in M(eye) Little Black

Pleated Skirt

in the back of His Black

On Black Mob Car

driving Me to His Cheap Hotel

for a night

of intrigue

& Korean food


put M(eye) HEX

on M(eye) EX

on M(eye) BED

Y Give $EX Away?

Too Bad For LL Bean

Eye just recycled

A Men’s Summer catalogue:

Eye H’aint Got No Man


For twenty years Eye sustained

my husband’s public image

and image was all it was:

imagine a man

great and small


as Dr Blair —

shaved and bathed

properly slept

but know underneath

a heart as empty

as his kiss