Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Category: dreams


My sculpture melted —

Dance Demonstration Request:

He told Me “Curtsy”

First Open Window of Spring

Eye went to sleep

with the sound of peepers

and when I woke

the morning’s keepers

sweetly tweeted through

the fog —

For All Existance

Eye Thanked God


What did Dr Blair

hope to achieve by holding

me down for so long?

April Fool’s Day

25 years ago

We had Our Canada Dry


laid out straight

on a quilted cot

He was Mine

and I was His

and I am happy

with what I got

The Silver Anniversary

Eye woke This Morning

from The Dream

of cleaning up cat shit

with M(eye) bare hands —

the cat shit was in the shape

of a computer key board —

laid on the seat of M(eye) Grandparents’

Victorian Rosewood Chair.

The Key Board was intricate —

It was Intricate Shit —

and I had It on My Hands

Lesley’s Birthday

It was in a dream

Eye gave M(eye) Arms

to badly needed rest —

Eye used The Body

of M(eye) X

to make a cross

upon M(eye) Bed