Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Category: global awareness


Eye understand that Dr William Hunter Blair

does not consider Himself

“A Bad Guy.”

This is how He sees His Self,

therefore He is NOT

a “Bad Guy.”

Eye can forgive Him.


I can call The Truce because

Eye know He can

and will

Live With Himself.

Seeing Is Believing

Dr Blair was surprised

I didn’t end up

in a dumpster in New York —

Well — he’ll be a lot more


when Eye end up

as The New Darling

of The Black Revolution


The Night awakes Me

with Its Crescent Moon —

alien construct

or yet unvisited

— Eye don’t care witch —

It’s so beautiful

hanging above

the beginning

of My Day

which is forever


This Rhymes:

Dr Blair

took Me


This Is Not Poetic:

Maria’s Death was Accidental

No One was to Blame

Not Even God


Eye Dance My Dance

Eye Write My Right

Eye Paint My House

Eye Walk My Walk

And Eye Have My Ultimate Companion

What Do Eye Laugh At?

Eye laugh at Arrogance —

or do I?

What Do Eye Attack?

Eye attack dishonesty.


What Else?


M(Eye) Haters on M(Eye) Body

— Shake ‘Em Off

The Shlong Speaks:

“If You’re going to utter death threats

utter them privately.”

Eye’ve Been In Bed With A Sleeze Bucket!!

Or worse — I’ve been married to him

and still am!!


OMG DR Blair has his new professional photo

up on Face Book — have you seen it?  UGH


OMG  He’s just like his cohort

who waggled his tongue at me

at my dinner table in front of his wife!!