"Good Morning, World!"

Category: feminism


EYE have hung M(eye) X

upon the wall

below M(eye) Painting


of someone’s old house

done in pink —

a Nova Scotia house

out in the bleak


Eye have hung My Portrait

upon the wall

above His Books

Eye would forestall

We’re in a contest

to & fro

& Eye don’t care

where He goes

He thought Eye would write

pretty poems

& paint Him pictures of blue

& white

He was wrong

for Eye have come

to see Him as

My Only Plight

if Eye could dip His Head

in Black

I would fight

for My Self


but He has The Bucks

Eye need to live

& so Eye am helpless

to forgive

Lesley’s Birthday

It was in a dream

Eye gave M(eye) Arms

to badly needed rest —

Eye used The Body

of M(eye) X

to make a cross

upon M(eye) Bed

Bob Wilber’s Birthday

Where is My Poison Ring?

The Silver Casing w/ Black


My Mother gave Me

When Eye turned 13?


She is beautifully dark haired —

with Her Orange Blossom

poised above Her Left Ear —

She spoke, She speaks

melodiously into My Right Ear

I hear Her all day

all night:

She is My Woman/Child