Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Category: Psychiatry

Morning Tea With Cream

Eye wear regal fakery

on My Left Ring Finger —

solid gold

on My Right.

The World will be told


some time soon

if the parties involved

feel like it



Eye Dance My Dance

Eye Write My Right

Eye Paint My House

Eye Walk My Walk

And Eye Have My Ultimate Companion

What’s The Latest?

My Divorcing Husband

has allowed Me to become

The Social Outcast

Who walks My expansive beach alone

Who sleeps with

The Virginal Banana

Who reads Her Verse

dressed like a vamp

while He refuses to ask

“How did it go?”

“Sleep Will Be An Issue For The Rest of Your Life”

Eye used to sleep a lot

on drugs

ingested religiously

@ 9:11pm


Those Days/Nights are gone forever

as I live

on paint fumes

Hip Hop Music

& M(eye) Own Life