Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: April, 2013


The Hawk Kitchen 10:22am

I watch the thorough glitter

out on The Water

through The Window Screen

(it’s too windy to sit outside)

My Husband’s Blood Pressure

is precarious

making Me jittery

while He’s at work

refusing to see HIS Doctor


The Hawk Kitchen 9:11pm

Something Broke Tonight:

It Wasn’t My Heart

It Wasn’t My “Nerves”

It Was A Clay Parrot

One Of A Non-identical Pair

hand-carved from Africa

used as falling-down bookends

By My Mother

Ornaments By Me

well, One got tipped off the top

of My hand-made doll cabinet

— landed on Its Beak —

that was It — crushed

pulverized & shattered

I Needed That


Shelburne, NS 12:30pm

Take The Power

That Is Yours

From Your Hair

Your Dress

Your Silver Jewellery

Take The Power

From Your Mind

Your Dreams

Your Aspirations

Look To The Sky

What Birds Do You See?

Are They Black Or White

& What Does That Mean?


The Hawk West Desk Window 7:36pm

I wore My Blue Nose Dress

red sleeveless top, blue skirt

with white linear arrows appliquéd

on front, pointing up

— or were they pointing down?

It was The Outfit I remember

of all My Childhood Ferry Crossings

driven from Valley Cottage, New York

by a sleep-deprived Mother

to Bar Harbour, Maine’s Blue Nose Port

— with a younger Brother I barely remember —

driven and ferried every summer to Nova Scotia

The Province I would stay in

all My Adult Life —

married twice

with the lives & death of My 2.4 Children —

to live in old houses

on an island

on the mainland in woods named Atlantic

in an historic town named Shelburne

in a doctor’s big white castle in Barrington Passage

& now a new house

— new island —

on the point farthest south:

The Hawk, Cape Sable Island

where My Second Husband sleeps

on low blood pressure

while maintaining His high pressure job

taking care of nearly half the population

this end of the county —

and what do I do?

I am a housewife —

The Laziest In The World

according to My Daughter

& I Write To Tell The World


The Hawk Deck NOON

The Grey-robed Figure

spirited out of bed at 11:00

takes Her Tea out to The Deck

assesses Her Timing

of This Morning’s Flirtation

with Depression

marked by Her Son’s Imminent Departure

for which She is cancelling

The Last Supper


The Hawk Queen Bed 9:40pm

I hear The Waves

My Backdrop to The Peepers

with My Husband’s Warm Hand

across My Left Arm

I am in My Cradle

My Bassinet

I will lie here


I die


Barrington Passage 6:15pm

I could sing a song

of cars & women —

all My Husband’s responsibility —

oil for The Lincoln Eliza refuses to drive

beer for My imbibere

& dinner reservations



The Hawk 4:50pm

I sing My Heart out

for every sailor Who comes along

for My Son Who’s later than expected

driving from Montreal

with an Australian

ready to take in Nova Scotia

I stumble over being A Mother

to My 25 year-old Son

skipping stones as if He were 9

& I forgot to buy more beer

in case He & His Buddy come back

before the obligatory good-bye



Highway 103, NS 5:00pm

Today at The Halifax Shopping Centre

I saw Two Muslim Women

talking on cell phones

through Head Scarves —

One Face completely veiled —

This Day when Hunter bought

smoky quartz earrings

for My Early Birthday


The Hawk Dining Room 12:50pm

He’s out there write now

pecking around the stone wall

dividing our property from the neighbours’

He’s a Northern Flicker

with a brilliant red crest

on the back of His Head

black bib under His Chin

(if birds have chins)

tabby striping on His Back

& buff with black spots underneath

He’s been here since I first spotted Him

at the other stone wall along the drive

— He seems to find stuff

among the rocks

with His Long Beak — He’s a Woodpecker

Colaptes Auratus

Oh, He just pooped!

Note:  He’s a She – minus a back “moustache”