Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: October, 2016


The Hawk En Suite Bath Window 7:32am

The October Sky about witch

other Lovers have written —

displays Its Self in Its earliest moments

as darkest grey against

faint peach light

The Tumult of The Century

looms in Its volume

and EYE have found The Solace of Thought

in Its Dramatic Commentary


The Hawk Window Seat 8:38am

Waking, briefly

seeing Liquid Blue

(Your typical sky blue)

crinkling all around, puddled —

next, a field of Blue Plastic

chips, shards, spread out


and This Morning, This Great Morning

(EYE) woke to see a flash:

Crystal Blue Droplets — A Myriad


Halifax International Airport 11:25am

Now that EYE have begun The Craft

of painting nearly every lamp shade

in M(EYE) House

— I have driven through foggy fall foliage

to pick up Hunter’s College Grand Daughter

and have decided to paint like

never before:

The Purely Decorative Canvas

maybe with some gold

to go above The Tomato-coloured Couch

replete with No

Deep Inner Meaning


The Hawk Corner Room 7:28am

As I drink My Coffee decked

in My New Hammacher Schlemmer

Monogrammed Turkish Robe

before The Sun comes up

The Window is open to The Surf

I can hear The Rooster

again, as I heard Him

during Those Heady Days

when I first made My Escape

from that chemical prison

of 23 years

— only now My Husband wonders

if there might not be

2 or 3 Roosters?

and He briefly brought His Electric Shaver in

to The Corner Room

to comment on The Sky

OCTOBER 15th, 1994

The Hawk West Desk Window 7:54am

She grew up like magic

born yesterday

in an inflatable tub

My Darling Gubba – Goo

turned into A Woman

before I realized My Own



The Hawk West Desk Window 7:40am

We saw The Moon at Dinner

full on Today’s Calendar

rising big and gold over The Atlantic —

My Husband says It’s boring

once It gets up there

and just stays —

but EYE know It doesn’t just stay —

that familiar and ancient disc of Human EYE-dent-ity

I saw It again —

this time over The Western Islands

in the pink of morning

when I pulled up The Shade


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 2:00pm

Yesterday You saw The Rainbow Spray

when You had never heard of It

on The Day You changed Your Name

and picked up pebbles from The Hawk Beach

to build A Kitchen Castle —

You helped Me hoist

A Golden Throne into the back

of My Brown Edge

and as We unloaded

My Future Sculpture

into the cellar

You told The Story

of how Your Mother’s Father

coming home from fishing on The Grand Banks

had seen A Mermaid

— that They really do exist —

scraping Her Long Hair

with a fish bone


The Hawk Deck 10:17am

I stood on an August Deck

of The Yarmouth Ferry to Maine

with The Man I was to marry

— this was thirty years ago —

I told Him I was very happy

— He said He was too —

We had Our Nova Scotia Life

spread out before Us:

restoring an enchanting house

having Our First Baby

Our Son Peak

— The Core of My Family Unit —

to have and to hold for five years

until My Mother got sick and died

and I was no longer the same.

This August 31st

I stood again with Them

at The House No Longer Lived In

and They didn’t want Me to leave.

Peak’s Father gave Me

an unsolicited hug

and My Grown Son

looked at Me


wondering if I would stay.


The Hawk Corner Room 4:30pm

Purple is The Colour

of Grief

& EYE have kissed

away My Death

in Livid Pulsations


Red & Blue


The Hawk Queen Bed 7:54am

“That’s right Blue Jays–

You tell Those Hunters

They are disturbing The Peace

by killing innocent birds

trying to fly South —

You tell Them — there’s A Woman

on The Hawk

with Her Bed Room Windows open

just so She can hear The Waves

and has to be woken

from a wild dream

of transvestites and babies

hefty and shrinking

alerted to Those Lethal Bangs”