Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Category: language usage


Veiled Sky Pulls Back

Revealing My Glowing Day

Dawning Underneath

Morning Tea With Cream

Eye wear regal fakery

on My Left Ring Finger —

solid gold

on My Right.

The World will be told


some time soon

if the parties involved

feel like it


Driving Lolita

Eye may not

have a mean bone

in My Body

but Boy do Eye

have a Jealous One —

It’s huge and round

and covered with worts

that can fuck

the daylights out

of My Own Innocence

This Rhymes:

Dr Blair

took Me


It Is

When Eye Rise

In The Morning

It Is To The Early Light

The Subtle Surf

and One Cat — Mine —

Meowing for Me


Eye Dance My Dance

Eye Write My Right

Eye Paint My House

Eye Walk My Walk

And Eye Have My Ultimate Companion

What Do Eye Laugh At?

Eye laugh at Arrogance —

or do I?

What Do Eye Attack?

Eye attack dishonesty.


What Else?


M(Eye) Haters on M(Eye) Body

— Shake ‘Em Off

The Shlong Speaks:

“If You’re going to utter death threats

utter them privately.”


Eye made a painting

last November 12th

when I got jilted by Dr Blair —

First Eye spray painted

lurid pink & purple:

“Dr Blair can’t fuck”

then laid over

grey & black drips & drops

with His Silver Penis

ejaculating florescent orange —

It’s “The Graffiti Painting”

priced @ $58,000.00 Canadian