Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

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The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 6:20am

I Love The Sun

filling My Kitchen

accompanying the coffee pot

bringing the bird song in

through the screened

outpost window

& filling My Life


The Tomato-coloured Couch 2:47pm

While I wait for the UPS Man

My Studio/Kitchen is all ready:

I’ve got the sculpture’s foundation

in the form of a cut glass

upside-down sandwich plate

secured to a non-slip

hot-pink place mat —

My Two Sets of sculpture tools

are lined up against the splash board

I have three pounds of plasticine

to start with — to use sparingly

until My Extra Order comes —

 I have the photograph

of Rudy’s Head

taped to My Tea Cupboard

& a close-up of His Eyes & Nose

attached to the tile

above My Dishwasher.

This is all to take place on the counter top

of My Dish Washer

where I will begin My Work

just as soon as the Styrofoam



NOTE:   The attitude of the head is tilted up, so I plan to be

lopping off a good portion of the Styrofoam neck at a pre-determined angle.



The Hawk Kitchen 7:13pm

There’s something so satisfying

about letting A Fly out

a sliding glass door —

It’s as if all Your Problems

go along with It

& You can stand back

& look at The Sky

in Its sunset-hued pink

& think There Is No Better



“What’s a Woman like You

doing in a Place like This?”

–Camera View:  from back of black oven

w/ Woman looking in

leaning on elbows

–View to rivet My eight-year-old frame:

Black w/ White Star Spatter

How am I Here in this Black Space?

Now white with tomato spatter

from Eliza

in The Microwave


I stepped out on The Deck

into The Early Morning Sun

— with My Clipboard, Pencil

Cup of Coffee — I looked out at The Atlantic

& decided to be A Writer.

I determined to fix A Poem:

The Greatest Date  — written A Decade Ago —

I would fix The Ending mostly —

isn’t it The End

which usually needs attention?

& worked away

in That Dazzling Sun, in old sunglasses,

listening to The Breaking Waves, Birds

& My Husband stirring in The Kitchen

feeding The Cats