Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: June, 2022

My Regret

There are plenty of men

with whom

Eye wish Eye had never gone to bed —

probably all of them

for there was never one

who stood out above all the rest —

concerning “Love” that is —

the first was a French Jew Dope Dealer

living with his mother

and fathering a little boy —

the last was, oh, who was that?

And with none of them

did Eye find Myself

in the throes of ecstatic “True Love”

(whatever THAT is)

Oh! Woe Is Me…

My Medley

Eye have grown

A field of Daisies


I’ve allowed Them to grow.

Yesterday Eye ran over a chipmunk

On my way to Yarmouth

And hit a bird

On my way home.

Eye used to take drives

With Dr Blair

And we never killed anything.

If He Still Loved Me…

If He Still Loved Me

He Wouldn’t Be An Asshole

Now Would He — Would He??

The Early Bird

My first time watching

a robin

getting a worm

was just now

at my front step

amidst the buttercups

He ate it in three bites

hopped a little

and flew away

The New Beach or Eye Came Home With A Poem


I’m visiting

a new beach for me

Sand Hills

in Barrington Bay

and someone has built

a stone-lined walkway

along a sandy path

into the water —

there’s no surf here

only the steady murmur of incoming tide

over out-stretched sand

plenty wide

for hundreds of visitors —

only here on The South Shore

beaches are nearly bare

barren but for the occasional

seeker of solitude.

The families have left —

it’s supper time —

and Eye have walked out

over the flatness

having found a large quahog shell

the interior of which

holds an expanse

of mineral glaze

so much like the beach itself

it becomes my souvenir.

The Bouquet

A family of eight

visited yesterday:

2 mothers, 2 fathers

one uncle and 3 children

and the oldest boy

aged 5

picked a selection of wildflowers:

2 daisies, 2 clovers

and one buttercup

but Eye couldn’t find my smallest vase:

pink with one china rose

so Eye used a shot glass

and placed it

upon my sink window sill

where its sweetness greeted me


My Friend Darlene/Louisa

My Friend Darlene —

Louisa for Her Art —

had a talk with God today

down to The Beandock

as She sat on a swing —

She told me it was casual —


She said She’s had enough

of Formalized Prayer

and told Him

how Her Day was going

& what She found at Frenchy’s

Double Poem

Yesterday Eye walked along

seafoam deminished

to the lowest level of waves —

What made the sea so calm?

When Eye got home

Eye decided to write

hanging art in my bedroom

rather than boyfriends —

Eye have no boyfriends

Eye have Art!

Our Planet Is Beautiful

Our Planet is Beautiful

as The Sun rises over

The North End of Baccaro

Eye have to turn aside

in My Captain’s Chair

to see It

from the far left of My Picture Window —

The Sun has moved that far

(or We have)

to arrive in My Morning Corner Room

visited by four felines

happy to be alive